2021 is the year that we reclaim what’s rightfully ours: The Rave. Raves and festivals are back, honey. It’s not 2020 anymore. But don’t stress, all the festivals of this year are taking place at either socially distanced with limited capacity at an outdoor venue, in fenced-in pods, or even drive-in raves where you can watch live music from your car and the area around it.

If you’re ready to hit up the (socially-distanced, COVID-safe) “club,” you’re going to want to stand out. You’ve probably spent far too much time wearing socks or slippers, and now is the time to switch those out for something with some lift. Step out onto the scene in some platform shoes.

Get a Boost With Some Platform Shoes
Platform shoes are a fun, easy way to add some power to whatever you’re wearing. A hot pair of platform shoes will give you a few inches of lift (so that you can easily tower over your enemies, of course) while maintaining way more stability than, say, a pair of stilettos. These stilt-esque shoes come in a few different thickness options in terms of how tall the platform itself is, so you can go for a little or a lot of added height. They also come in a variety of types of shoes, so whether you’re a boots dude or a sandals chick, there are platforms out there for you.

The Boots
Who doesn’t love a good boot? There are a few different subtypes when it comes to platform boots, so let’s take a look at the highlights to see which are right for your next rave.

Combat Boots
You know that pair of black combat boots that you wear with anything and everything? What if you could have those in a bunch of iridescent, bright colors? What if they also had even more lift in them so you could stomp out the competition? Good news, you can. Platform combat boots are a great way to rock this trend.

Hiker Boots
For the outdoorsy, campy types, you may be well-acquainted with the hiking boot, but never like this. Take a hike in some super-fly platform hiker boots. These styles of boots are characterized by a separated heel and toe, meaning you can stack on even more height if the heel is a little higher.

Go-Go Boots and Booties
These styles are just slip-ons, so there’s a 100% guarantee you won’t trip on your laces in any of these bad boys. Choose any pair from a little ankle bootie to a knee-high, or even thigh-high, shiny holo boot. They’ll look totally groovy with whatever else you decide to wear.

Sneakerheads rejoice! You can snag a pair of these bad boys in a large array of sneaker styles, that you can wear to a rave or even just out and about to let everyone know what a rad person you are. Try a pair of basic sneaks with extra height, or venture out into a funky, chunky sneaker that has a whole lot going on, from contrasting color laces to clasps and zippers. 

We recommend trying out a pair made with super reflective material that looks like it’s glowing. It’s the closest thing most grown-ups can get to light-up sneakers from kindergarten. 

Are you the type of raver that just needs your toes to have some fresh air? There are platforms for you, too. You can get a pair of these platform sandals in a super-comfy lightweight style with just some added inches, or go a little crazy with some high-heeled ones that have straps up to your knees.