If you want to promote your music on digital platforms, then Soundcloud and other social media networks could be handy. In this case, you need to learn the basics of marketing to get your music in front of the right listener. In this post, we will teach you how to promote your work on Soundcloud and other social media networks.


If you have the savvy and the workforce, you should be on social media. That doesn't mean that you have to be on all of them, and that doesn't mean that you should pick one and hang out on it just because it's Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / whatever. Choose a social media platform that is comfortable for you, but also where your potential fans are located.

One of the great things about SoundCloud is how friendly it is to other social networks. SoundCloud allows you to link your site as well as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and Instagram. This way you can be active on social media while your SoundCloud profile becomes your main base.

There are countless ways to communicate on social media, both on your profiles and on others. For example:

Use your social media to get attention. 
Ask questions, conduct polls asking what your next album should be called, joke around, and also ask for promotions, retweets, and reposts. 
Get organic buzz with hashtags and behind-the-scenes photos.
Use free downloads, discounted merchandise, concert tickets, and other incentives. Offer them in exchange for email subscriptions or as a reward for remix contests.
Get people involved. 
Run contests, offer giveaways, greet and greet, or walk backstage for your next performance.

Basically, if you were your ideal fan, how would you like the artist to reach out?

Social media is a great growth tool. You can talk directly to your fans! Every hour you spend outdoors attending concerts and meeting fans in person, spend an hour on the Internet to get to know people better. The more people you talk to, the more fans you get!


Once you've got some organic buzz and a good online marketing company backs you up, you're ready to reach out to guys with big guns.

Pretty much all the artists who made it big can't say they made it alone. There was a moment across the board when an artist made great music and supported the fans ... and then picked someone up. This “someone” is the taste maker, whether it's a producer who used a track in a sample, or a radio DJ, blogger, curator of Reddit, YouTuber or & R. Taste creators have no end online or online.

Don't think that taste creators will just find you - this is rarely the case. In fact, this is one of the reasons that artists have managers. You need to find them:

Do your research. Who are they?
Do they play music like yours?
Does your music attract their listeners?
Can you offer incentives such as concert tickets?
Do you have a ready-made press kit so you can submit your logo?
Once they pick your name and go to SoundCloud to check on you, they'll see people chatting on social media about your music and growing fan base.


Everything goes in full circle. Your online music presence begins and ends with SoundCloud, and just like you cannot neglect your presence elsewhere, you cannot neglect your SoundCloud. Once you've found your niche and start growing, it's time to lend a hand. SoundCloud is the best way to do it with Jaynike.

Follow the Others .It might be another artist whose music you like, or it might be a fan who might love to come back. Following others can be a great way to expand your network, even if it's slow. Who knows, you might even find another artist who is interested in collaborating in the future!