The reason why online gambling is popular with streamers and viewers is that you can experience much of the thrill of winning and losing, but without the threat of staying without your rent money.

Streaming has opened a whole new world of entertainment for people who aren’t thrilled with watching regular sports on the television. And it is a great way for streamers to ‘’crowd fund’’ their passion for playing games on and off the internet.

There are generally three benefits for streaming online gambling:

1. Very good sponsorships
2. Community support
3. Few legal barriers

For instance, while a movie production house might be careful about allowing anyone to review and watch their movie online, gambling operators are the opposite. They will love it if you feature their content on your stream, as that is seen as some free advertisement.

Further, both the community and the platform will reward you for being entertaining and genuine. The viewers might send you tips and subscriptions to fund your next escapade, and the operator might sponsor you entirely because you are pushing traffic their way.

High Skill and Higher Stakes

In many ways, we watch online gambling streamers for the same reason why we watch the UEFA Champions League or the NBA finals. There is a lot at stake and the person competing has a lot of skill and experience.

But, unlike regular sports, streamers can develop a personal relationship with their chat. They will see the messages and respond, and you might influence the game yourself. This is something unseen anywhere else.

Also, there’s no shortage of online casinos they can choose from, making it easy to find games both them and their viewers will enjoy. Sometimes it is a live casino game, but it can be something simple and fun like slots.

Biggest Names in Online Gambling Streaming

There is a growing number of streamers that bring both excitement and information to the gambling table or screen in this case. And, they are not shy to share their tips and tricks, as well as their mistakes, with their fans.

And, even though the number of growing streamers is too big to count, there are some that stand out. By comparing these streamers and their wildly different approaches you can see that not all viewers are looking for the same thing.

#1 LetsGiveItASpin

This is an online personality of one Kim Hultman from Sweden. He has amassed quite a following and is probably the biggest online gambling streamer online today.

With his striking personality and indisputable skill and knowledge about online casino games, Hultman grants a great insight into what is happening in the industry.

Also, he is not a stranger to charity, as he has relatively recently hosted a 24-hour slot stream and raised over $50k towards a COVID response fund.

#2 CasinoDaddy

Casino Daddy is actually made from three people, three brothers to be exact. And while all three are huge gambling enthusiasts and connoisseurs, the main draw of their channel is the large stakes and high-risk moves.

For those of us without such a capability to play for such cash, it is exciting to see others bet what we could not, especially when they win in the end.

#3 David Labowsky

Mr. Labowski is a cool, calculated, and insightful person that has a very peculiar way of seeing gambling. In many ways, he is the healthiest player out there because his goal is to have fun, regardless of the outcome.

While there are moments when he ends up with a lot of money in the pot, he always stays cool and focused. He is not loud or outlandish but shows you exactly how a poker player might want to act.