Whether you are in a B2B or B2C environment, certain clients fit your profile for the ideal client. For just about any business, the Pareto Principle applies. That is to say, you get 80 percent  of your best sales from about 20 percent of your customer base. It’s this 20 percent that you’d like to keep happy, and since birds of a feather flock together, referrals from these clients have a high likelihood of matching your ideal client profile. That makes it well worthwhile going above and beyond  the norm to make them feel extra special. Everybody wins! Your client is not only happy but thrilled, and you retain and grow your base of top clients.

1. Gifts at Birthdays or Other Special Occasions
Nothing tells your clients that you think they’re special than a little something extra - especially if it marks their birthdays. If you’re dealing with B2B clients, special occasions like New Year celebrations are a good time to let them know you appreciate them. Wholesale gift cards carrying your company’s logo, or more traditional corporate gifts like calendars and stationery don’t place them under any obligation - but will keep your business uppermost in their minds.

2. VIP Service Whenever They Call or Walk in the Door
All clients deserve good service from your sales team, but regular clients should be familiar faces and might get a few VIP extras - even if that’s just an offer of a cup of tea or coffee or a refreshing drink. Managers should also be aware of top clients and be sure to take time to greet and make a little smalltalk when possible. Making your top clients feel like “one of the family” makes them less likely to take their business elsewhere even if they think they can get marginally better prices from a competitor. 

3. Offering Discounts Based on Annual Sales Volume 
In a B2B environment, you’re likely to have a database of clients for whom you can call up the annual sales volume. Getting them to keep up the momentum or even increase it could be based on a sliding scale of discounts or pricing structures based on the volume of business they bring you. You can also offer once-off rewards or discounts for referrals that bring you good sales. Everyone likes winning, so turn your customers into winners when they make you a winner too.

4. Track Customer Preferences and Send Notifications to Match
Knowing your customer means knowing what they’ll like. High-end retail stores can create VIP programs, and B2Bs should already have contact details for all their clients. When products or offers matching their clients’ preferences are available, a targeted marketing message will let them know you’ve got something they’ll like. That’s way better than generic newsletters that may or may not be of interest to them. They feel like you’re keeping their interests in mind, and you have potential to make additional sales. 

5. Hold a Special Function or Trade Day Every Year - Just for Selected Clients
There’s nothing wrong with letting your best clients know that you think they’re special. VIP events are a great way of extending hospitality and saying thank you. Although there will be costs, you can recoup some of that or even make a small profit by coupling them with irresistible deals. This is a great strategy for quiet times of the year when you have a little extra time on your hands and need to give business a little boost at the same time. If your function is well-planned and enjoyable, you’ll generate goodwill that lasts all year. 

These are just a few ideas to help you  to remain the first name your ideal clients think of when they, their friends, business associates, or colleagues need goods or services that your business can provide. Even without them, always delivering nothing but your best could be all that’s necessary, but adding a little icing to the cake won’t do you any harm and could do your business a lot of good.