The advent of online gaming has come along way in the last decade, with sports betting standing as one of the oldest ways to gamble. Asides from proving a popular pastime and a great way to earn a little extra cash, placing a wager on a sporting outcome offers a great deal of entertainment value.

The Pros and Cons 

In essence, betting and gambling are the same thing, each requires the player to bet a monetary amount on a particular outcome, this could be a wager on a player scoring three times in one match, or predicting the final score in a rugby game. The perspective of chance is what makes the two options different. Some are fans of traditional sports betting, whilst others prefer the live casino. Truth be told, it all comes down to personal preference and both options offer their own set of benefits. To help you to understand more about each, we’ve analysed the main attributes below.

Sports Betting

Sports betting as an activity where someone tries to predict the outcome of a sports event and making a bet on that outcome. Even those who aren’t diehard sports fans enjoy this style of betting, however, for players looking to win big, a certain level of knowledge is required. It’s simply not enough to place a wager based on the odds alone. It’s likely you’ll get lucky at least once or twice using this method, but in the long run, you will need to knuckle down and do some research. This includes following sports games as often as you can in order to get a handle of the rules, which often differ from country to country. For example, football in the UK is very different to that of American football. This is when a US sports betting guide, such as the one featured on will come in handy. The majority of pro players will know everything and anything there is to know about the sports they bet on. This isn’t an easy task, especially as the number of players and teams you can bet on is  growing by the minute.

On top of knowing the game inside out, those who want to be consistently successful in sports betting will need to take a number of other factors into consideration, such as knowing whether teams are playing at home or away, which players are injured and which team will reap the most benefits if they win the match. All of  these considerations play a huge part in the final outcome, and will help you to understand the odds, and ultimately, place a winning bet. 

Live Casino 

Live casinos offer all the perks of a real casino, but with the added advantage of being able to play from the comfort of your own home. Unlike sports betting, players have more control when it comes to the outcome of the game, especially games that require a certain level of skill.

A fine example of this is the game of poker. Pro players taking part in regular tournaments can earn millions. However, as well as skill, there is a certain level of luck involved. On top of this, live casino games don’t take into consideration as many factors as sports betting, which means players often find it easier to get to grips with the core of the games.

Choosing The Right Option

Before picking between the two options, consider your knowledge of sports. Are you watching and learning about sports solely to get statistical data or do you love everything about it? If you’re an avid sports fanatic and don’t mind getting to grips with the analytics, sports betting is likely a better option to pick. However, if you’re less in tune with the smaller details and prefer to base bets on Lady Luck, opt for a live casino.