With the pursuit of natural and healthy grows day by day, People begin to attach great importance to a food ingredient to pursue natural and healthy. In this case, the demand for natural ingredients has become a hot topic in the food market. 

The natural pigment is used more and more widely in Western countries such as Europe, French, and America. There is a growing trend towards natural pigment. Hence, the artificial colors will be gradually replaced by natural pigment.

Unlike artificial colors, natural pigment is derived from natural sources such as vegetables, minerals, or animals. As one of the natural pigment, the natural blue pigment is scarce in nature. Because of its scarcity, the government has regulated the uses of it in some ways. According to the FDA, natural blue spirulina is the only natural blue pigment allowed to use. Namely, the natural blue spirulina is unique and irreplaceable. Furthermore, it can unlimitedly use as blue food pigment in Europe. Natural blue spirulina is widely recognized as a natural pigment for its superior health benefits. 

Natural blue spirulina is the result of extracting the blue pigment from Spirulina. It may not sound like an appetizing food but is packed with various nutrition and antioxidants you cannot find anywhere else. For example, natural blue spirulina loaded with high-quality protein. That is to say. It can be a perfect choice for vegan diets to boost protein intake. Furthermore, natural blue spirulina is also a natural antioxidant. By consuming natural blue spirulina, all the nutrients can work together to supporting brain health, boosting your energy and immune system, supporting cellular health and cardiovascular health.

Owing to the growing awareness regarding the health benefits of natural blue spirulina, the market is expected to be fueled in the future. At the beginning of the Chinese natural blue spirulina market, it has a hard time where no enterprise was able to master the extraction technique. As a pioneer in natural blue spirulina extraction, BINMEI first started developing natural blue spirulina in 2010 and has developed into the biggest enterprise in China. What is more, BINMEI is one of the few global companies that can carry natural blue spirulina production on a large scale. 

To meet the market demand, BINMEI forms a strict quality system to provide the consumer with the highest quality of natural blue spirulina. BINMEI has invested a lot of money and time in planting high-quality algae. Through comprehensive methods such as technical screening, environmental adaptation, domestication, genetic stability assessment, growth rate inspection, and nutritional analysis, BINMEI has developed high-quality spirulina strains to produce the purest algae in the world.

Since the company was found, BINMEI has been dedicated to technology improvement and product development. It was after 7 years that the first production line was put into operation. BINMEI not only has the independent intellectual property rights and national patent technology of independent innovation of natural blue spirulina purification, but it also has nine technology patents and advanced equipment. FDA FSSC22000 has registered the factory, and the products have been certified by HALAL, KOSHER, EU and NOP organic.

The transportation of natural blue spirulina products is always a difficulty remains in the market. This is because natural pigments are sensitive to light, thermal, and ph., so the color is easy to fade in production, storage, and transition. Besides, it is easy to cause discoloration, match color difficulty, and peculiar smell, which will further affect its sensory property. To overcome these problems, BINMEI improves the technology and the stability of natural pigments. Through the accumulation of experience and technical innovation, these problems have been solved successfully.

As the pioneer in the wave of pursuing natural food ingredients, BINMEI stands firmly with the philosophy of green, health, and safety blue pigment. BINMEI’s commitment to offer consumers premium quality ingredients and escort for the health of the consumer in the wave of natural pigment market. So far, BINMEI has been highly recognized by society, and the products are widely used in various fields.