OxyContin is a powerful drug usually prescribed to rectify moderate to severe pain. It is highly popular as a potent painkiller, also known by the name oxycodone. Doctors typically prescribe the drug to physically injured and cancer patients. 

You may get it in both pill and powder form. It is the controlled-release capsule form of oxycodone. When people use these drugs regularly, they might gradually feel addicted to them. You may take it orally as it dissolves slowly into the bloodstream within twelve hours. People refer to it as drugstore oxy, heroin, oxy cotton, or OC.

Because of its effective management of pain, it is prescribed widely by doctors and physicians. However, many people abuse the medicine, which is the primary reason for OxyContin addiction. If you have someone struggling with this type of addiction, then be aware that there are high-quality addiction treatments available, which is the best path to a lasting recovery.

The abuse of oxycodone and its effect

The drug available in capsule or tablet form is usually chewed or crushed, mixed into a solution, and then injected or smoked on tin foil. The drug is so powerful that it floods the brain with its effect. It engages special neuroreceptors for producing an intense euphoric state, which is similar to that of opium or heroin. Recently, OxyContin gets manufactured in a temper resistant and crushproof tablet form, which is impossible to inject. Nonetheless, some people still abuse the drug.

The physical symptoms of oxycodone abuse usually encompass dry mouth, drowsiness, sweating, headaches, itching, nausea, and vomiting, constricted pupil, and slowed breathing. The drug is so powerful that you may abuse it to the point of overdose. If you use it at an unsafe level, it may cause permanent damage to the brain and also depress the respiratory system causing failure.

The signs of oxycodone addiction

One of the initial signs of oxycodone addiction involves developing your tolerance, which requires more of the substance for achieving the desired effect. As the person starts depending on the drug owing to the brain's chemical changes, it causes withdrawal symptoms if you take the medication in smaller quantities. The dependency will eventually turn into an addiction if it is left unchecked.

In many cases of addiction, the user will try to obtain the drug through illicit means. Fake prescription, doctor shopping, borrowed prescription, and using friends and family members tablets become various means whereby the person gets hold of the substance drug.  Irrespective of negative consequences and risky behavior, the person with oxycodone addiction will seek the drug. Studies reveal that oxycodone addiction has led to millions of death throughout the world.

Treatment for oxycodone addiction

There are various options available to help you get back on track, which usually involves inpatient and outpatient options. Each of these centers has a specific formula for rehabilitating the individual. They have a typical method to deal with oxycodone treatment available with them. The right addiction treatment for OxyContin involves various factors. These encompass the amount of substance used, the duration of the treatment, personal health, frequency of use, family history, and strength of support at home. To achieve lasting recovery, go for therapy under an experienced professional. Drug detox is the initial step of the treatment program.

The rehab program's quality encompasses various therapies for healing current and past issues, dual diagnosis for treating mental health problems, family counseling, and interaction with peers.

Inpatient treatment program: After the process of detoxification, you must get engaged in an inpatient treatment program that allows the addict to receive counseling, attend meetings, and focus on recovery effectively—the group therapies which are available in Illinois rehab centers play a significant role in gaining sobriety. Moreover, there are many types of group therapies that play an essential role in treating substance abuse.

Outpatient treatment options: outpatient treatment programs are for those individuals who re-enter their professional life without the fear of relapse. It allows therapy and counseling as well as group activities to bring accountability and support. There is a list of drug rehabs in Massachusetts that can provide you with reliable outpatient treatment options. It is essential to learn about the treatment and its effect on the individual. Try to analyze the difference between the outpatient and inpatient rehab programs that will give you a clear picture of the treatment options.

Recovery from oxycodone addiction is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of patience and hard work. There are many benefits of quitting oxycodone, which primarily centers on gaining a sense of meaning and peace in life. Hence, it is essential to start on your road of treatment as early as possible and reach out for the treatment options. However, a firm commitment to getting rid of the addiction is significant to quit this drug forever.