The world of fashion can be a bit of an adventure for anyone, and finding your personal style takes some work. The ideal trick is to experiment; get to know which brands you can afford, and which brand offers the best styles for your taste. You also need to consider your body shape, and which brands will offer the best-fitting clothes for you as well. 

As men become more fashion-conscious, the demand for stylish, chic, and elegant menswear is growing rapidly. While many new fashion houses are on the rise, there are some classic brands that are always a hit. Here are five brands that every man must have in his closet for fall.


Versace is well known for its innovative designs, detailed texture, and its iconic Medusa logo. What comes to mind when people think of Versace is its urban tailored designs that have a silky monochrome and bright jewel tones. The brand’s collection for men, more relevantly, has class and elegance written all over its ready-to-wear styles.


Burberry is a British luxury fashion house established in 1856. The fashion house rapidly became world-famous for its signature plaid pattern, outdoor attire, as well as vintage-styled trench coats, and fashion accessories. 

After nearly over a century of doing business in the fashion world, Burberry introduced suits for men that struck a fine balance between both modern and traditional worlds. The Burberry suits proved to be a classic thanks to the finely integrated modern techniques in design and tailoring.  


Brioni’s suits for men exude pure opulence and are almost indisputable. They are available in well-executed ready-to-wear styles or fully customized bespoke men’s suits pieces. 

Founded in 1945 in Rome, the company invented the men’s runway shows where they showcased their collections, trunk presentations, and ready-to-wear haute couture fashion.  

Thom Browne

A man wearing Thom Browne will stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. Its designs are a must-have for the metropolitan man. The brand’s designs are sleek, structured, and timeless yet somewhat complex. 


To be fashionable, one has to be willing to invest in quality pieces that are classic and timeless. Kilgour’s designs provide good value for money and will not leave you disappointed. 

The Kilgour brand dates all the way back to 1880 and has since created a remarkable legacy as a fashion house. The brand boasts some of the polished, slickest items on the market. Kilgor designs are a great choice for any man who considers themselves stylish.  

Style Is Not a Size, It’s an Attitude…

Different fashion houses create different kinds of clothes and it’s almost impossible to exhaust the many different options in the market. There’s a wide variety of luxurious and stylish designs for men to choose from. However, the few listed above should help you make the right selection that suits your preferences. The clothes may not come cheap but their timeless styles will last a lifetime.