One common question that every camping junkie asks themselves is this: what size of the travel trailer is best?

The answer may vary depending on a broad spectrum of reasons. However, the one most sensible answer for modern campers is small travel trailers – in fact, very small travel trailers!

One common rookie mistake that many campers make is choosing the wrong travel trailer. You can plan out the perfect weekend camping trip in your head, but choosing the wrong trailer can just as easily ruin the entire experience. 

Very small travel trailers are ideal for most campers as they offer superior convenience and comfort compared to traditional travel rigs. 

Just picture this: everything you need within your arm’s reach, and not to forget how easy it is to maintain and drive them around. 

Very small travel trailers, in a nutshell, are nonsense-free and optimally practical. However, buying small travel RVs can also be a tricky task. You see, there aren’t many websites that offer very small travel trailers for sale. 

Fortunately, you can head to Zervs, where you can buy or sell your small travel motorhomes with just a few clicks! Here are five reasons why small travel trailers are your best camping companion. 


Planning a weekend camping trip can take quite a toll on your wallet. You need to stock up your pantry (unless you plan on switching to Bear Grylls mode), fill up your gas tank, and also make sure the engines are in proper working condition. All these factors combined can make a dent in your pocket.  

With compact travel trailers, you can say goodbye to all such bulky expenses (well, at least for the most part). They are extremely lightweight and can be easily towed to the back of your minivan. Larger RVs, on the other hand, may require larger SUVs or a pickup, which may not be exactly fuel-efficient.

Besides, even if you’re planning to buy a new trailer, smaller ones will cost you significantly lesser than regular rigs.  Overall, if you want to keep your camping to a budget, mini travel trailers are the best option. 

Extra convenient

Your camping is only as enjoyable and memorable as your ease of stay during the trip. The compact form factor of small C-class RVs makes them exceptionally convenient for numerous reasons.   

To begin with, their towing functionality is extremely smooth and straightforward. You do not have to drag a 5,000+ pound caravan on your SUVs rear end. Instead, you can just hook a mini travel trailer to your minivan and ride out into the sunset (or your camping location!). 

Usually, small trailers can weigh up to 3,000 pounds, but ultra-lightweight travel pods can even weigh as little as 1000 pounds. Thus, it reduces the amount of extra load on your car by a substantial amount. It also helps you drive with ease.

Their compact design also means you do not have to move around the trailer so much. Almost everything you need is within your arms reach. So, you can easily perform all the fundamental activities without having to move your muscles too much!

Encourages you to stay outdoors 

The entire concept of planning a camping trip is to explore what the outdoor world has to offer. Ironically, in many cases, campers become too comfortable inside their luxury RV trailers. As such, they miss out on spending time with nature and relishing the beauty of its blissful quietness.  

That is not a problem with small travel trailers. Some may think the limited space inside the small trailers may be disadvantageous. However, it’s the other way around. The constricted space encourages you to go outside and bask in the warmth of the sun or explore the unique landscapes. 

You could as well schedule a mini-trekking or try your hands on catching some fresh seafood for dinner. For such reasons, it is always a good idea to pack your rucksack with adequate camping gadgets when you plan trips with small travel trailers. 


Rookie campers may think small travel RVs are not practical or even redundant when it comes to the number of features. However, that is not the case. Small trailers come packed with tons of handy features that you will require for a standard camping trip. 

Of course, the number of features may differ from your typical class-A motorhomes. However, they are still more than equipped to take care of your standard camping needs with ease. 

A high-end compact travel trailer can come with utility features, including an outdoor shower system, a water heater, a 2-person bed, an expandable kitchen, a top-loading refrigerator, and a window-mounted AC. 

Now, unless you’re expecting a genie to pop out of your trailer, the above features should be more than adequate for a short trip. 


Everybody seems to gladly hop in on the minimalism bandwagon. How many actually follow it is highly debatable. The concept of a minimalist lifestyle is to stick with the rudimentary requirements – not more, not less! And that is precisely what small travel RVs helps you achieve!  

Compact travel trailers do not offer anything extravagant. On the contrary, they come with just the right amount of features to assist you in your camping venture without making any major compromises. 

Another massive benefit of the minimalistic nature of small travel campers is that it inspires you to be more efficient – from packing your things to managing the bare minimum resources.

To cut the long story short, you can teach yourself some efficient management lessons while also enjoying some much-needed peaceful time with Mother Nature.