Even though you have a cell phone…

Watches are just as necessary today as they were back in 1812. Just ask anyone who’s been stuck in a room with no clocks and a dead cell phone. Because at the end of the day, while many things go out of style, a select few stick around for the long haul. Watches are one of them.

Here are some reasons why:


Picture this: you’re at a round table meeting. It’s an important one. Your boss is standing in front of the team, giving a critical speech. You just remembered the time-sensitive assignment on your desk. You haven’t finished it yet. You want to check the time, so you have two options: you either check your cell phone, with the risk of appearing rude. Or you suffer through the meeting until it feels safe to check the time.
And picture this: Your hands are full with groceries. Or perhaps, they are full with your children. You need to check the time. But your phone is in your pocket or purse. You have to fish through it just to check the time because unfortunately, you’re not an octopus - you only have two arms.
Wearing a watch is a matter of convenience. In this day and age, even with clocks on our cell phones, sometimes it’s just easier to look at your watch.


You need to check the time… just the time. But when you pull out your phone your finger somehow hovers over the internet app or the social media app. So, you get lost in the vortex of the world wide web. All you wanted to do was check the time…
Because cell phones are more than just cell phones. They’re computers. All the information in the world at your fingertips - the magnetism of that is alluring. Even when we didn’t mean to web surf, scroll, or watch a YouTube video, we do.
In a complicated world, wearing a watch is a matter of simplicity. Sometimes all you wanted to do was check the time.


If you’ve ever been unable to check the time for an extended period, you know how disorienting it feels. Cell phones are wonderful but unfortunately, they have batteries that die quickly (in the grand scheme of things). Smart watches don't fair that much better either with batteries that last for days instead of months or year for your traditional time-piece. 
Suddenly, “I don’t need a watch, I have my cell phone” feels like a silly statement.
Wearing a watch is a matter of reliability.


Like clothes and hair, a watch gives you the opportunity to showcase your uniqueness. Whether you prefer sporty watches or mens luxury watches, the statement is yours to make.
Without saying a single word, the watch you wear speaks volumes.
Therefore, wearing a watch is as much about convenience as it is style.

From Queen Elizabeth to World War I…

Watches have a long history of providing value. What started out as a fashion statement to Queen Elizabeth grew to necessity on the battlefield for the soldiers of World War I.
And now, with the acceleration of technology, it’s easy to view these ancient artifacts as outdated… but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Next time you’re in the grocery store, or out to dinner, or on a hiking trail, look around. You’ll be surprised how prevalent watches are today as they were two hundred years ago.
Now ask yourself -- should you get one?