If you’re stuck on what to get the guy in your life—don’t worry, it happens—know that mens ties are a quick fix that can run the gamut from gift accessory to present centerpiece. Here are 7 gift ideas where ties will help you tie a bow on things!
Reuse, re-suit, recycle

Blazers are the multi-tools of the lapel world. They class up any style without suit-jacket formality and work whether attending church or mini golfing. If your man doesn’t have a blazer yet, definitely consider giving him this wardrobe staple. (You’re right, a blazer isn’t a tie, but it’s so important that it’s the leading gift anyway.) But he probably already has a blazer gathering dust somewhere, so you should …

Re-gift the old blazer—no, not joking—along with new ties and shirts that give him new reasons to wear it. He’ll either find this hilarious, won’t realize he already owns it, or complain, in which case you have the high ground for not cluttering his life with new stuff when he barely uses his old stuff.

Tie in an experience

Dinner and a movie are a classic combo. Worried that seems like a date-night move? Throwing in a V-neck sweater and skinny tie really dresses up your husband and the event. With the sweater’s collar highlighting a mean Four-in-Hand knot, he’ll feel relaxed and cool as you take him out for the sort of evening that worked for the Greatest Generation—it’ll work for him, too.

Happy-hour types never fail to appreciate a craft brewery or distillery. If that sounds like the guy you know and love, take him out for a few flights. Apply the same logic as above, this time swapping out the V-neck sweater for an oxford shirt. The skinny tie will let him pull off both professional and fun, especially if he decides to show some skin by rolling up the cuffs. This pairing thrives at the workplace happy hours that he likely attends and projects a solid image for both novice and veteran company men.

Retie the knot—surprise-style, low-key, and from the heart. You don’t need an anniversary to affirm “I did” and “I still do.” Themed ties provide a great segue for knot-tying talks. Do a little planning. For instance, if your wedding or honeymoon had a destination or theme, give a tie that echoes that detail, and do so in a place where you’re both comfortable—a favorite restaurant, a familiar hike, or simply at home on the couch. He’ll start remembering those times, and that’s when you say your piece. He’ll think of you every time he wears it.

Throw a wrench in the tie collection

Bow ties are like piercings and tattoos in that your man already kind of knows if that’s his thing. If he thinks a bow tie isn’t for him, he’s wrong. This gift isn’t about you nailing his style. This gift is about shaking things up, about giving him a tie that makes him reckon with its very existence. 

And if he’s already a bow-tie guy who exudes good-ol’-boy charm or professorial perplexity, then give him a bolo tie, which will unquestionably cause him to rethink his familiar style.

Tie a bow on it—or don’t!

Whether you plan to give your husband a gift for a formal occasion or to convey a quick thinking-of-you, mens ties are a thoughtful way to handle it all. They accessorize a more prominent gift, accent an experience, and can even teach your man something about himself. But really, any thoughtful tie will remind him of you—his best gift.