Online Vet Services Are Taking The Pet World By Storm

It's a different world, and that doesn't exclude our pet-care choices. With limited hours in our vet offices, limited access to the information after hours, and our unlimited love for our pets, online vet services are growing in popularity. 

Many different options are available over the phone, text message, email, video conferencing, online chats, and more. These services are there when you need them to make sure you and your pet are safe in any situation.

Even though online vet services can not replace an in-office visit, here are some of the benefits of online vet services;

Finding A Vet Near Me

Many of these virtual vet solutions will be able to give you the nearest location of a vet near you to deal with your situation, whether it is an emergency after hours, exotic pets, or other particular circumstances. 

Virtual Visits

When it comes to a regular check-up or wellness visit, a video chat will usually be as productive as an in-person visit. Your vet will be able to see more than just a picture of your pet; they will see it's body language and more ques that the vet may notice over video. You can also ask questions and address concerns. You will be able to get quick answers to non-emergent situations such as diet, shedding, fleas, and everyday worries.

Addressing Behavioral Issues

If your pet has started acting differently, has picked up a bad habit, or something is concerning you about your pet's behavior, it is not something you should let go of if you're worried. As a pet parent, you know your pet more than anything. If you have concerns regarding their behavior, contacting a virtual vet service can help you address the concerns and help diagnose an underlying reason for the action.

Appointment Request and Prescription Refills

When it comes time to set an appointment or get prescription refills, it can be frustrating to squeeze a phone call into the limited hours of availability or be unable to ask the vet questions directly. Virtual services can help us on both sides, you don't have to take time out of your day, and your vet has the chance to get the answers or information needed without trying to hustle while you are on the phone. Medication adjustments or short-term medications can also, at times, be taken care of virtually.

Curbside Check-In and Drop-Offs or Pick-Ups

Vets have tried to streamline appointments, especially when it's for surgical appointments or picking up your pet; the less traffic in small areas, the better. Some vets have moved to curbside check-ins for your appointment times or will even allow you to check-in and will come to retrieve you for your appointment, or even in some instances, just your pet. 


Overall a virtual vet can be helpful in many areas, but this should not replace the need for regular, in-office vet visits. Unless a veterinarian has personally seen your animal and knows its medical history, in most instances, you will not get a diagnosis from a virtual vet but instead a recommendation. 

For non-emergent questions, over-the-counter medication recommendations, prescription refills, after care instructions, questions about a previously diagnosed medical problem, or advice, this is a great way to make sure your furry family members do not go without medical care in these trying times. 

Virtual vet services can be covered through your pet insurance, covered with a monthly or quarterly subscription, or priced per use depending on your needs and the needs of your pet.