As we all know that things are drastically changing in the world of the workplace, people of all ages, such as from a college grad 18-year-old to a 45-year-old expert everyone around the world is working on WordPress to earn money. They are creating creative content, fun blogs, and other articles for online businesses.

The blobs of text mixed with a few images related to the context really possess magical powers. People amidst the lockdown period are being more inclined to read various topics, blogs, and articles online. So, the demand for people writing such blogs and content has increased gradually.

Here, James Scholes has explicitly created a training series for the people who want to earn a living by writing content on WordPress. 

The James Scholes training series is free of cost, so you don't have to pay any amount at any level of the training. The series is entirely made for your benefit and progress in developing and improvising skills. 

This series is basically a carefully designed training program that consists of 9 stages, visit   to learn, earn an ample amount of money on WordPress.

The nine stages consist of various skills that one must-have for writing good quality WordPress blogs. Usually, the training programs are pervasive and can result in stress and unnecessary wastage of money. But here I will walk you through all the nine stages, and at the end of the James Scholes training program writing a blog will be like a piece of cake for you.

What the Learning Entails

Initially, James Scholes had planned to sell his training for $100-$200 but decided otherwise. The training series is even more worthwhile and shows you that all about blogging is covered. A breakdown of all the modules in training is below.

1. Gaining domains of high authority by using free methods
2. Set up your WordPress hosting and auto-installation using the C panel
3. Optimize the optimum SEO efficiency of your website and get top rankings
4. Improved free mobile WordPress website speed and higher rank in Google
5. Doing free keyword research with Ubersuggest for niche sites.
6. Seeking profitable goods with increased rates of conversion and commission
7. Doing SEO on-page so that you can rank higher on Google and beat your competition
8. Always buy PBN Backlinks and rank number one on Google
9. Learning a superb backlink technique from James that forces Google to rate you with just one backlink
The series also includes a bonus module where you learn how to use Mozbar Extension to obtain high authority Dofollow Links for free. Be sure to be making sales regularly by the moment you are finished with the training. 
So, James Scholes can walk with you step by step through the whole process if you want to learn how to make money with a WordPress blog. You will also get to know how to find enormous payouts for high conversion affiliate deals. 

Advantages of a WordPress Website

WordPress is the world's most commonly used content management system (CMS). For web developers and bloggers, it is the perfect alternative. It is valued for its benefits internationally, with millions of users. Let us look at some of the most significant advantages of it.

WordPress is easy to use and has an intuitive interface.
As it is browser-based, you can log in from any device connected to the internet.
The website is a self-contained ad that does not require tools for HTML editing.
The code behind the site is clean and straightforward, making it easier to read and index the content of a place for search engines.
You have complete control of virtually every aspect of your site and can make quick changes with much ease.
The site is customizable to offer a personalized experience to your guests.
As a blogger, WordPress was meant for you initially. It provides easy-to-integrate blogging capabilities.
There are several web users, where each user can be assigned access levels and capabilities.

So, what are you waiting for? They say information is the most valuable commodity. Now that you have the commodity use the James Scholes training series, and start earning now!