Just because it's winter, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on playing soccer. That is why you have indoor soccer. Albeit slightly different from typical soccer, your indoor game time session will help you progress your soccer skills. But don’t forget to express yourself while you’re at it.

Nevertheless, if you are new to the game, here are some tips you can use when playing indoor soccer.

1. Think Fast

One of the best tricks you can use to play indoor soccer is always to think fast. This means that you should always know what you will do with the ball before you receive it. For instance, since the playing space is often small, you’ll not have enough time to decide whether you want to shoot, pass, or dribble when you have the ball, even if you have the best indoor soccer shoes.

So knowing your next move before you receive the ball will help you respond fast. This is also an excellent trick if you wish to use one touch. This efficient tactic will increase the game tempo making it harder for your opponents to defend themselves.

2. Scoring Goals

You do not require a massive space to fire a shot that is hard and well placed in indoor soccer. Therefore, as soon as you get the chance, use the best weapon to score indoor soccer goals - a toe-kick.

Practice your fast feet and when you are defending, use the space to your advantage by driving your opponent exactly where you want them. However, do not rush at your opponent because they might fool you easily. Just mark them and stay with them through the play.

3. Take Advantage of The Walls

The walls are your best friends in indoor soccer, so learn how to take advantage of them in offense and defense. When you are in the offense, make the wall your extra player. When attacked by your opponent, pass the ball off the wall, run around your attacker, then receive the ball on the other side.

In defense, force your opponent towards the wall. This will force them to dribble to the walls making it harder to score. But, remember, using one trick many times will make you vulnerable as well. So vary your tactics often.

4. Dribbling, Passing, and Shooting The Ball

Do not dribble too much when playing indoor soccer; you will allow your opponents to take the ball and score. Only dribble when alone, or with one or two opponents, but you have no teammates to pass the ball near you.

When passing, try not to lift the ball. Pass the ball on the ground instead. Also, try and shoot as much as you can. You might not score every time, but chances are the ball will bounce off the wall and increase your scoring chances.


Indoor soccer provides you with an opportunity to play the game with less pressure. Therefore, this provides you with the perfect opportunity to take more risks. Try your new techniques and use the fast-paced environment to sharpen the skills. But, the key to playing indoor soccer is in how you receive the ball – should be with the sole of your foot.