Office renovations look daunting on the outside and the cost, especially, is a major turn-off for many business owners. However, regardless of how big or small your business is, the atmosphere inside your office has a crucial role to play in the efficiency of your employees as well as when it comes to gaining the trust of your clients. When planning a renovation, it can be tricky to prioritize your objectives, and choose the correct professionals and cheap storage units for the project. (To find the best storage units in London, click here

Therefore, we have gathered a bunch of ideas for you to be able to carry out your desired renovations in an affordable budget frame.

1. Plan before commencing

Nobody else would understand this better than a business owner like you! Abrupt and poorly planned decisions usually end up in unsatisfactory results or regretful failures. Since there is already a limited budget on the table, you are in no position to withstand any of that. We would hence suggest that you take your time to visualize a desirable look and feel for your office and plan the renovation properly before beginning. 

Planning doesn’t have to make you nervous because it is not a heist that we are talking about here. To  plan your renovation, you would essentially organize all the phases of the project. This would greatly help in the adequate distribution of time and resources. On top of that, planning also helps in dodging last-minute problems, such as not having reliable renovators or storage units. You must investigate the renovators for policies and customer reviews before signing any agreements. Similarly, look for cheap storage units which are near your office to avoid unnecessary delays.


Begin the planning by identifying every aspect of your office that needs repair or any kind of alteration. Since we only have a handful of resources to support the renovation, you may need to single out only the most worthy tasks. Investing in windows and skylights, for example, is a brilliant idea unless you want your office to feel like a haunted forest. Natural light gives your employees a sense of freedom and you may observe a significant improvement in their performance and attendance. At the same time, this would also make some impressive deductions in your electricity bills since you may need fewer fluorescents glowing than before.

Finally, lining up your objectives would be one of the most important aspects of planning your office renovation. Prioritizing correctly keeps all of the essential adjustments, such as construction and re-modeling ahead of the queue. Nobody wants to spend days painting a wall only to realize that it needs to be demolished mid-renovation.    

2. Set a budget 

Office renovations can be heavy on the pockets and many businesses fall victim to skyrocketing expenses or running out of funds during their renovation projects. To avoid both of these extremes, you must take your time to set and follow a comprehensive financial plan. 

Though Pythagoras theorem may have never helped you anywhere in life, a bit of addition and subtraction would! Write down estimates for the required raw materials, renovators and storage units. The prices of the materials can be confirmed by taking a walk to the local market, but using the internet instead could prove to be a much more effective way of finding and comparing prices in nearly no time. Moreover, for the renovation costs, you can ask for quotes from renovators on their websites. Similarly, the prices of storage units can also be confirmed through online quotes, or you can use The Self Storage Outlet to find the most affordable cheap storage units for yourself.


Once you see your total, it would be convenient to conclude whether it lies within or beyond your capacity. This would also make it easier to point out unnecessary expenses and areas where the cost can be reduced. For example, if you had plans of installing a water fountain in the lobby, perhaps it can wait until the next season. Moreover, polishing wooden flooring and deep cleaning carpets is rather cheap, and can save you from investing in new carpets and floors for another year. Similarly, you may find cheap storage units after thorough research which would save you plenty of money as well.

Apart from that, a Do-It-Yourself approach is a great way to save money while renovating on a budget. Although painting walls and installing flooring may look hardcore at first sight, these tasks are surprisingly easy to learn. By taking charge of such jobs, you can save a significant amount of money, which would otherwise be spent on hourly wages. 

However, intensive jobs like construction and remodeling demand some hardcore skills and equipment. Thus, unless you are qualified in those areas, you should let the professionals take care of these jobs. If you believe you have the required expertise for handling such heavy jobs by not risking any injuries in the process or aftermath, acquire a license from the authorities before proceeding. Similarly, when transferring your items to the storage units, you should let the professional transporters take care of them to avoid any kind of damage or loss.

3. Make the most of the cheap storage units

Drilling roofs and bringing down walls can make renovation a chaotic process, which brings the need for a temporary displacement of official items. Apart from sensitive electronics like personal computers and printers, files and documents may also be vulnerable to loss or damage. You can rely on cheap storage units to be your savior in such scenarios!

By storing all your important items away in cheap storage units, you can rest assured of their safety and give your utmost attention to the project instead. On top of that, some storage companies offering storage units also cut you loose from the inconveniences of packing, disassembly and transport of the goods. Similarly, when the renovation has concluded, all your items in the storage units will be returned back to your office by the storage company itself.  


Apart from that, cheap storage units can also be a permanent home for a portion of your items. After a successful renovation, you would certainly be wishing for a new and improved work environment inside your office. Moreover, an empty office is an opportunity for filling it only with the most important items. For example, it may not be necessary to return your entire armada of file cabinets. Living in an electronic era, the need of printing and keeping hard copies has declined massively and so has the trend of file cabinets. Similarly, any extra furniture which is not commonly used but consumes space should also be kept at the storage units.  


Hefty price tags can make office renovations look impossible to complete, but with strong determination and a bit of creativity, you can change the entire look of your workplace with a limited amount of money. The success of your renovation project greatly depends on how you plan the course of operations and how you distribute the funds for the project. It is also crucial to opt for reliable renovators and cheap storage units during the process. Finally, when all the clutter has been eliminated, it can be prevented from building up again by keeping all your extra stuff in storage units.