The COVID-19 Pandemic has led to a period of unprecedented crisis for the world. Apart from being one of the world’s biggest humanitarian and health crises, the pandemic has brought her world economy to a virtual standstill. 

While most of us keep debating about issues like food, medical supplies, and safety of the elderly during the pandemic, we often end up ignoring one segment of the population- students!

The Coronavirus pandemic means that all schools and colleges were shit with immediate effect. Children have been seen as high risk and governments are doing all they can to protect them. This includes shutting down schools and colleges

In this article, we are going to discuss five problems college students are facing during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

List of 5 Problems faced by College Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Financial Issues- 

Millions of college students all over the world used to pay for their college fees by working part-time jobs. With the pandemic and the lockdown, many of them have had to lose out on their jobs as small businesses shut shop. 

Many entrepreneurs like Marc Zboch have come forward and started academic scholarships to help college students financially. Colleges and schools have also not adopted a uniform approach to lessening fees or giving students some financial relaxations. 

2. Online Education- 

According to studies done by the United Nations, ninety percent of all school and college students all over the world do not have access to online education. Neither do they have the resources to buy smartphones or laptops nor do they have the connectivity. 

Many academicians fear that millions of students will lose out on quality education as long as the lockdown and reopening of schools do not take place. National governments have also been found to be wanting in offering concrete solutions to these problems. 

3. Digital Understanding and Applicability- 

Even in cases where students and teachers both have access to devices and connectivity, there are other problems, which are emerging. Teaching kids and teachers to adapt to digital and tech platforms overnight is something, which is causing a lot of trouble. 

Teachers are not mandated to be digitally savvy. Nor are they very adept at using video conferencing software. Many of them have been forced to take up online certifications and courses to understand how online teaching platforms like Teams, Meet, or Zoom works. 

4. Increase in Distractions- 

When students are attending educational institutions physically, they are free from many distractions. Worries of the home, social media, news, video games, etc. are some common distractions students are facing in almost all societies. 

With online classes, the average screen time has increased multiple times. Given the fear of contracting the infection in public places, many students have taken to unhealthy entertainment habits like binge watching games or Netflix.

5. Poor Mental Health- 

If you catch the news these days, you will see a lot of depressing issues being telecasted. So much negativity is affecting mental health not only in adults but also in young college students. It is necessary to take proper steps to address mental health issues in young adults. 

Not being able to meet friends, being in home lockdown mode, and hear increasing death counts is not a good thing. It can trigger anxiety and depression. Many academicians and health experts are pointing to the rising number of mental health issues being reported from students during the lockdown. 

The Final Word

Until governments decide to open schools when children are not at high risk, these problems will continue to persist. This is why it is essential for teachers and parents to talk to their kids and understand the issues, which are bothering them.