Boxing is a very skill full game played with full passion ad spirit. If you are not serious and enthusiastic about this sport then remember it will not give anything to you but if you take it seriously and be consistent then real rewards are waiting for you. 

This is also not an easy sport to master, great strategy and extreme physical training is required for the perfection and achieving the real mastert of boxing. In this article we will be presenting to you guys the extensive exercises that will help you in your boxing training. You can check this link (ข่าวมวย) as well for more info.

Number 1. Jump rope.

Jump rope is a very simple exercise. It is known as skipping. This exercise is very easy to do and you can do it anytime and everywhere. Only you need a tight rope and you are good to go. This exercise shape your body. It will give speed up the feet movement and it is very effective in the boxing training.

Number 2. Burpees.

This exercise will directly focus on the cores and your legs, hence it will strengthen your lower body part. Now how to do burpees? Come in the frog position, your hands just in front of you. Then stretch your legs just behind you. Come to the previous position and then stand up with a high jump with your hands heading upwards. Then repeat the same procedures and you are good to go.

Number 3. Sit ups.

 The core of the boxer should be very strong so that it can bear the strong punches of the opponents. This exercise is very helpful in strengthening your core. Lay down on the floor with straight legs and the hands. And try to move up. It will also work on your belly fat.

Number 4. Squats.

Squats is a very effective exercise and it empowers the whole body of the individual doing the boxer training. How squats can be done? You just have to sit in the chair position and then slightly stand up. You can take the support of your hands and spread it in front of will help you create momentum. For better results one can do the jumping squats as well.

Number 5. Planks.

Planks will help you work on your core, back, arms and the shoulders. It will definitely shape the body of yours overall. Both the planks are very appropriate in the boxing training. Front plank and the side planks. 3-4 sets of 40 seconds plank is considered optimum. The time duration and the number of sets can be increased. 

Number 6. Push-ups.

Push-ups will also make your body compact and strong. Come in the plank position and try to come down slightly on the power of your shoulder and the arms and then come up. 

Number 7. Pull-ups/chin-ups

Pull-ups work extensively on the arms and the shoulder strength and build the muscles up. You have to hang with a steel bar high up and then move your head up. This needs much power but it is essential in the boxing training.