Many companies had to let go of a large number of their staff since they could not afford to pay their salaries since the business was not doing as well now as it was pre-pandemic. The Government in the UK put together measures to keep the people safe. 

They implemented rules and measures, including not allowing people in public places without masks, forcing everyone to maintain social distance, and making sure everyone would use hand sanitiser as much as possible. They further started opening up their economy and markets to allow small businesses to begin functioning so that it would reduce the load on the economy and begin getting some funding through it. They were running on of their largest schemes that flushed millions of pounds into the economy to prevent businesses from letting go of their staff, by paying 80% of their salaries.

Despite all these measures, companies still had to let go of a large number of people within their company. They could not have the furlough scheme to be powering the economy forever, and they were planning on staggering the scheme soon and calling it to a halt by the end of October. Based on the way businesses were progressing within the economy, the Government knew there would be a large number of people let go of within the country, and the unemployment rate would further increase. They opened up the economy for small businesses to prevent this from happening and planned on staggering out the rest of the changes accordingly.

Other changes were taking place across the country in the way that companies were working, with one of the new trends being remote working. Remote working allowed all companies to coordinate the work that they were handling, without having to go to the office. They could get this done from home or multiple other areas. There were multiple reasons for remote working to catch on as easily, and these were, the first national lockdown had a large number of people forced to stay indoors to protect them from the pandemic. Another reason for the change was that companies were not allowed to have the same number of people under their roof now as they were in the past. They could only function with 50% the capacity that they had pre-pandemic so that they were maintaining the right amount of distance from one another.
Companies also started going through a new set of changes that involved background checks for the people who were working within the company. They were also making background checks mandatory for the new people they were hiring, and they were gathering information about their pasts through the DBS check. It gathered all their details and whether they had a criminal record or not, allowing employers to receive this information through the DBS certificate that they can get through online. It provides additional information about the way that they behave with various age groups of the population, like the way that they behave with the older and younger sections of society.