Planning an outdoor event can be fun and entertaining but only if you have the correct equipment and essentials. That’s why you need to plan your events a few months in advance and you need to make checklists of everything that’s required for the day. For you to have a successful outdoor event you must create a comfortable and entertaining space for your guests. To make it a reality, remember that everything from organising staff members to toilet hire will be important!

To help you build a checklist we’re giving you eight essentials that will make your outdoor event a success. Keep reading to find the key to success. 

1. Check-in Services

The purpose of an outdoor event is usually to raise money for an organisation or to simply gain a large profit. The best way to raise money is to set an entrance fee for the event. You’ll need a crew to collect money from people when they walk through the gate. 

Your check-in services must be convenient for everyone so it’s important to accept cash and card payments. Get badges or wrist bands made for everyone coming through so you know who has paid for their entrance. 

2. Coverings for Walkways or Shade  

Hopefully, the weather is sunny and bright on the day you plan to have your event, so you won’t need umbrellas and coverings. On the other hand, it’s important to set up coverings even if it’s not raining. Some people have sensitive skin and can’t stand in the sun for long. Set up gazebos for people to sit under and cover walkways so people don’t get sunburnt. 

The gazebos and other coverings will keep people covered if it starts raining. Entertainment areas must also be covered especially if there’s electrical equipment that shouldn’t be exposed to the elements. 

3. Food and Drink Stands 

If you want people to be comfortable at your outdoor event, then plan to have food and beverage stands set up around your perimeter. It’s important to cater for the number of people you’ll be expecting to arrive at the event, so ensure you’re stocked up with food and drinks until the event ends. 

Buying food and drinks must be quick and hassle-free so make sure you allow cash and card payments at stalls. 

4. Merchandise Stalls 

One of the positive aspects of planning an event is that you get to support other small businesses in the process. Allow merchants to set up their stalls for the day so people can buy trinkets. 

You must select the stalls you want to include strategically. If it’s a sporting event sell water bottles, headbands and sports outfits. If it’s a pop culture event, then sell items you know people will love such as posters, key chains, novelty plushies and more. 

5. Entertainment Area with Music 

An outdoor event wouldn’t be fun without an entertainment area with music. Set up a tent area where people can sit and enjoy watching a live band or a place where people can dance. Add lighting to the tent so when it gets dark people will be able to see where they’re going. 

Decorate the tent and add elements such as hashtag competitions so people can post online about where they are. This will help with exposure for your next event. 

6. Seating or Places for Picnics

Seating is important so people can rest when they get tired of walking around. Add benches and tables so people can sit and eat or rest when they want to. You could also allow people to bring in picnic blankets and umbrellas so they can sit on the grass if there aren’t benches available. 

When looking for a place to host your event make sure there’s ample space for tents, seating, stalls and places to walk and rest. 
7. Information Sources 

When hosting a big event you want to keep your guests informed. So, set up information booths around the area to help people who want to know more about what’s happening at the event. You can also hand out flyers with timestamps of what will happen during the day. 

8. Bathroom Facilities

Perhaps the most important essential on this list is organising proper toilet facilities for your guests. When you’re hosting an outside event in a large open field there won’t be bathrooms. So, you’ll need to hire portable toilets for your event. 

There are many portable toilet hire companies that can assist you with your requirements. Simply decide on the type of toilets you want and how many you need and then place your order with the company. 

Set up portable toilets all around the area but away from food, merchandise and entertainment stalls. Put up signs so people know where to go! 

Final Thoughts  

So, what type of event are you hosting and do you have all these essentials on your checklist? If you want to have a successful outdoor event use the tips in this article so your audience is taken care of. People will appreciate that you provided food and essential facilities for the event, which will prompt them to return to your next gathering.