Vaping has rapidly become very popular in light of the various bans on tobacco smoking. Safer and less offensive to those who don’t partake, there are many vaping device manufacturers and retailers in what is one of the fastest growing markets of all. 

The market has been further boosted by the legalization of CBD products and, in some states of the USA, of cannabis for rec-reational use. When vaping first became popular the devices used were large, cumbersome, and rudimentary. In line with changing vaping trends there are now portable models on the market. These are known as vape pens, so here’s what you need to know.

What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a small, affordable vaping device. Known as a pen because if its long and thin shape, it is designed to be easy to use and convenient. You can buy disposable or refillable vape pens, and there are many more vape pen for vaporizer options if you want to buy your vape kit online. We recommend you start with a beginner’s kit, from which you can decide if you want to move onwards in the vaping world and invest in a more sophisticated device. The average vape pen consists of the very few parts. The outer body is a casing in which you will find the following:

Atomizer – this is a heating device that very quickly heats the liquid or other substance to va-porization point. This creates a cloud of vapour – note that is not smoke – that is the hit the user wants. The atomizer is a very small device but essential to the pen. Some have variable temperatures while others are simple one-press devices that get the job done.

Reservoir or Chamber – this is the part in which the substance to be vaped is put. In disposable pens it will be pre-filled with the e-liquid of choice. In refillable versions the reservoir can be refilled, so you can try different juices and combinations. 

Battery – power for the atomizer comes from a small yet powerful battery, one that helps it heat up quickly to the temperature where the substance is vaporized. These can be replaced in models that are refillable and are not expensive.

Sensor – the sensor is the part activated when you press the button or, in some cases, take a draw. The sensor tells the battery to start doing its job and is an essential part of the vape pen. 

That’s how simple it is, so how do you choose the right vape pen for you?

Choosing a Vape Pen

The first decision is whether you want to buy a disposable or refillable vape pen. The disposable pen will last quite a while and then gets thrown away and is usually cheaper than the refillable model. The latter has the advantage of being versatile in that you can try many different vape oils and other substances and see which is to your taste. It’s down to personal choice. If you are a starter and want to see if vaping is for you, we suggest you save your money and buy a dispos-able model with e-liquid to a flavour you know you will like.

If you do like it, you can then trade up to one of the more sophisticated models and start your vaping seriously. Further advice from us it always to use a reputable online retailer, as you need to be certain you are buying licensed products that are legal to buy and use. Checkout vape pens now and you’ll find they are the most convenient way of enjoying your vaping.