Indeed, the data entry work field is a home comforting career option. It is suitable for all young, adults, elders, and even home-makers. The availability of the work on part-time, fulltime, contract-base, and freelance independently makes it one of the perfect virtual assistant jobs.

Online Data Entry Jobs needs simple knowledge of typing, basic skills of speedy typing, and versatility to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Keeping yourself managed with official tasks and home chores together is really challenging.

Many companies either look for independent employees as Online Accounting Jobs or even gives contracts in bulk for online data entry tasks. People can independently apply for Online Data Entry Jobs over different companies and outsourcing agencies.

In this blog post, we will be talking over reliable sources like Dormzi where you can find the best Online Data Entry Jobs. Your efforts in the search will help you get aware of such online accounting companies and even allows you to know how consciously you need to check if the agency is fraudulent or scam.

Ways to Find Sustainable Online Data Entry Jobs

Here are some of the significant ways to find liable online data entry jobs and other accounts works to get fair pay. There are ample online websites that offer quality work of data entry to freelancers and independent employees on a contract base or even project-base. Some of the popular websites are as follows:

1. Axion Data Entry Services

The company mainly hires contractors for bulk work and long-term positions, with good pay. Axion Data Entry Service is one of the popular websites that offer authentic online data entry jobs. All you need is to register yourself over the site with all detailed information and data entry work experience.

Generally, employee or freelancers hired by this company upholds the experience of 2-3 years with a typing rate of 50 words per minute. Contactors working with Axion Data Entry Services are paid on per piece basis.

2. AccuTran Global

The company prefers to hire and work with people living in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It mainly employs professionals for Freelance Transcription Jobs, with good experience as a transcriptionist. AccuTran Global prefer as pay per word or even offers a great bonus to the employee while assigning difficult transcription task.

3. Amazon’s Mechanical Truk

This is a crowdsourcing-subordinate division of Amazon that stands out from other companies' data entry projects. It enables workers to select small typing or data entry tasks and get pay when completes. However, it is low-paying Turk assistance work that considerably needs to experience to get hired for.

4. Capital Typing

One of the popular outsourcing company in South Carolina is Capital Typing. The company offers virtual assistant jobs and office services. It even distributes work related to online data entry jobs, online accounting jobs,freelance transcription jobs, and more. It allows its contractors and employee with complete home-based assistance for secretarial services, market research tasks, translation work, etc.

5. Birch Creek Communication

If you are looking having good experience in typing, data entry jobs, or even can do transcription work, then Birch Creek Communication is for you. However, the company primarily hires contractors to assign work in bulk in multiple options. Jobs offers in Birch Creek Communications are paid per audio minute. And employees have free choice to work with time flexibility during business days (Monday to Friday).

6. DataPlus+

As the name of the company depicts professionalism in Online Data Entry Jobs and typing work. It even offers document scanning tasks, which is a home-based work manageable by all. DataPlus+ is an even specialized handling task related to entering paper data into electronic databases and software. The firm is dedicated to hiring both independent workers and contractors with good experience and skills.

7. Clickworker

Unlike Amazon Mechanical Turk, Clickworker is also a crowdsourcing company that works in multiple niches. The company is dedicated to different tasks related to data entry, transcription, online research, translation work, and writing. It mainly offers micro jobs and pays per task. The skills of speed typing within great accuracy and basic English and computer skills are a must.

8. DionData Solutions

The company hires home-based data entry professionals and even independent contractors. DionData Solutions hires workers with a minimum type rate of 60 words per minute with basic computer skills. The remoted hiring for data entry jobs, accounting work is even provided with a simple training session.

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