A back scratcher is a tool that helps you to solve your itching problems without embarrassment. If you are in public and feel itching, what will you do? Will you scratch your body with your hands in public? Will you bear the severe itching to save yourself from embarrassment? Not possible, itching is a serious issue that cannot be avoided. Itching in public gives a bad impression of your personality. So, a back scratcher is a product that resolves your itching problem without any embarrassment. Just hold the stick with your hands and rub it on the itching place.

It is a long, extendable or foldable stick which has some hand like or claws like shape at the end. Hold the stick in your hand and scratch the itching area with a hand like or claw-like structure. Back scratchers don't damage your skin when you use high-quality back scratcher. Many companies manufacture high quality back scratchers in different designs. You have to choose the one which gives you inner peace while itching and save you from more exertion. Portable back scratchers help you to take care of your skin everywhere you go. You can take such collapsible back scratchers anywhere with you. You can choose the best back scratcher stick and scratcher stick by reading and understanding all the qualities notable in best back scratchers.

Qualities that you should look in a back scratcher 


First of all, you should check the size of the back scratcher that you are going to buy. Mostly, high-quality back scratchers are extendable and foldable. The extendable or collapsible back scratchers who can be extended to about 27 inches are best. These scratcher sticks are good enough to keep with you and can adjust in your pocket.


Look at the quality while choosing a back scratcher because it is the matter of your skin. If you use low-quality back scratcher, it may damage your skin. Protect your skin and always use the best quality back scratchers. In the next step, we will tell you about the materials for back scratchers.


Back scratchers are available in different qualities and materials. Mostly, the following materials are used in back scratchers:

Stainless steel 
Wood, mostly bamboo 
Plastic back scratchers 
Rubber material (use to prepare handles of back scratchers) 
Always buyback scratchers with high-quality material to protect your skin.


While buying a back scratcher, the shape is also important. You should prefer back scratchers with a hand like or claw-like shapes. These hand and claw-shaped back scratchers help to resolve your itching issues in just a few seconds.


A back scratcher stick is not an expensive product, so you should avoid the sellers which are selling low-quality products at high rates. Always buy, back scratchers available at reasonable rates.

When you find all these characteristics in a single product, you can buy that back scratcher for the elderly. You can also buy these products for kids but keep their skin type in mind.

Why you should buy a back scratcher 

Before you buy a back scratcher, you should know why you should buy it and what benefits it covers:

Avoid embarrassment in public 
Resolves your itching problems 
Helps to reach the areas where your hand can’t reach 
You can take it anywhere with you 

From where you should buy a back scratcher

If you are interested to buy a back scratcher, you can easily get some high-quality collapsible back scratcher from Amazon. Amazon is the best online shopping site where you can buy your favorite products at reasonable prices. Snowyee is a company that has proved itself as one of the best sellers at Amazon. You can buy portable back scratchers directly from Snowyee or Amazon. Here we have compiled a list of some best portable back scratchers available on Amazon. Just check their features and buy the one which suits you.

It is the set of three telescopic back scratcher for the elderly available in three different shapes. These scratchers are available in two colors red and black and three shapes, hand-shaped, bear claw, eagle claw. You can buy the set or one separate scratcher stick of your choice. The main features of this product are:

Buy the kit and enjoy discounts 
The back scratcher is telescopic and extendable, you can extend it to 22.84 inches 
High-quality material
Sharp enough to resolve all your itching problems but don't damage your skin

2. Back Scratcher, for Men Women Adults

Another best back scratcher presented by NEOPOO which is equally best for men and women. This high-quality Telescoping back scratcher has a stainless steel end which is suitable for itching. It is the pack of two back scratchers with the following features:

Two different shaped back scratchers 
You can easily scratch your back without damaging your skin
Portable and extendable which can be extended to 22.6 inches 
Full support by the customer support

3. Back Scratchers for Adults Extendable, Metal Back scratchers

It is a set of unique back scratchers presented by Aznrsy. It is a multi-tasker with neck and facial massager. The major features of this beautiful back scratcher are: 

Set of two back scratchers with face massager at the end
The holding stick is made up of solid wood which is easy to hold 
Durable and telescopic
It is a multi massager and has a rotating bead at the end
The back scratcher has a smooth body 
Easy to carry anywhere 
You can give it as a gift too

4. RENOOK Back Scratcher, 2 Piece 17" Natural Strong Sturdy Traditional Bamboo Wooden

Wooden back scratchers are mostly made from bamboo wood. These back scratchers are not extendable but they are easy to handle and comfortable to use. One of the best brands which make wooden back scratchers is Renook. The main features of this traditional back scratcher are:

The products are made from bamboo wood which is easy to grow and harvest
You can't find the identical articles because all the products are handmade 
It looks like a traditional scratcher stick 
You can give it as a gift to your loved ones

5. VASTOOLS Large Telescopic Back Scratchers 3-Pack

VASTOOLS offer the colorful beautifully designed metal back scratchers made up of stainless steel. It is a set of three back scratchers available in three different colors. The main features of these back scratchers by VASTOOLS include:

Stainless steel smooth claw shaped structure 
The metal handle is covered with rubber thus giving the easy grip
The back scratcher is extendable to 24 inches 
Set comes with a beautiful bag so you can carry these back scratchers anywhere you want 
Pocket sized 
A good gift for your loved ones

6. AKUNSZ Back Scratcher Wood Handle

AKUNSZ provides a traditional back scratcher made up of Wenge wood. The long, sturdy, wooden back scratcher works as back scratcher as well as massager for both men and women. Major features of this traditional back scratcher are:

Long scratcher stick with size 16.9 inches 
The stick is easy to carry
It has a Chinese character on its palm which means "Peaceful and harmoney atmosphere". 
It is made up of African Wenge wood 
Sturdy and durable 
Polished and smooth

7. Back Scratchers for Adults Extendable, 2 Pack Aznrszy

Aznrszy offers another back scratcher with massager at the end of its wooden stick. The major features of this smooth and beautiful back scratcher are:

Equally good for both men and women 
Stainless steel wide claw 
Handle is wooden and smooth, easy grip
Ball shaped massager at the end 
Easy to carry

8. 3X UNIS High Quality Telescopic Stainless Steel Back Scratcher

UNIS offers a set of three stainless steel extendable back scratchers which are available in three colors. These smooth back scratchers have following features:

Available in four different colors, including red, blue, green and black 
Extendable to 26 inches 
Comfortable to handle and easy to carry

9. Wide Telescoping Back Scratcher Extendable

It is a unique back scratcher with wider claws. The brand ATB offers this brand new back scratcher in three different colors including, orange, blue, and green. Other features are:

Extendable to 25 inches 
Metal body with smooth touch 
High-quality material

10. 4 Pieces Back Scratcher Portable Extendable

The Mudder Store offers the high quality latest back scratchers in the form of stainless steel claw. The main features of this extendable back scratcher are:

High-quality material
The handle is smooth and made up of PVC material
Relieves itching smoothly 
Comes with a high-quality carrying bag