The introduction of social media has helped us a lot. There are many ways in which you can become both rich and famous. If you want to become one of the famous people, you need to focus on the best things. 

Suppose you are good at gaming, you can start your own streaming channel, using the online streaming platforms. Then you have to sit regularly for one of those sessions. My point is there are multiple ways to get famous in the era of the internet; you just have to find the right match. 

Here are the five ways in which you can become rich and famous.

5 extraordinary ways to get rich and famous

As I mentioned earlier, the age of the internet, rather technology, has introduced us to many ways in which you can get rich and famous. But you have to find your calling first.

1. Become an influencer

The influencers are people who are famous on social media and have many followers. They are the people who either are related to famous, politics, etc. Many people like the way the influencers present themselves and want to copy what they are wearing. In short- the influencers can be called mini-celebrities. 

They do not appear on the TV screens but have dominated the social media accounts. I am sure even you follow some of the influencers, to keep a track on the recent trend and follow their lifestyles. This one is easy; you just have to present yourself uniquely to catch the scrollers’ eye.

2. Start a business   

If you think you have the next best idea for becoming famous, then you can start your business. The business that you start should be unique and must-have features that will attract the people. 

Let me give you an example of cryptocurrencies, the inventor of Ethereum. A Canadian teenager introduced smart contracts into the blockchain technology. This young man customized the blockchain technology and raised $18 million for his project. Back in 2018, the value of his venture landed at $100 million. 

3. Invest in bitcoins

Many people become rich and famous after investing in bitcoins. The owners of Binance, Coinbase, Ethereum, etc. are famous for their contribution to the crypto market. If you start early with Q profit-System, then even you could become rich and famous. 

The crypto market is so popular and dense that even Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, introduced Libra, a stablecoin to include their name in the market. Hence, investing in bitcoin, and doing so wisely will take you places. Additionally, the best thing will be added income on your paid salary. 

4. Start your social channel online

If you are good at something, say you are a comedian; you can start your own YouTube channel. The channel that you start has to be marketed before you desire fame. After the marketing is complete and you have released quite a few contents, you will be that people are coming to your channel. 

The same goes for other passions such as cooking, gaming, speaking on topics, etc. Once you set your online stage, the audience is all yours to entertain. If your audience likes your content without any doubt, you will be rich and famous. 

5. Become a part of social service

Providing social services is another way to earn fame. If you start visiting nonprofit organizations, help the stray dogs, or doing something good for the environment, people will love you. 

Social services have always been one of the best ways to make your presence know to the worldly people. Princesses Diana was the people’s person. But she reached there through social services and her polite nature.   


Do you think you have a knack for any of these fields that I mentioned in this blog? If you do, start early so that in the next three years, you can reach close to accomplishing your dream about becoming rich and famous. This path sure looks difficult, but if you truly want to become famous, you have to work hard. Initially, you might not get recognition, but do not lose hope and hang on, your day will come sooner than you think.