CBD oil has become more popular than ever. It is everywhere and seemingly in everything - from foods to beverages, health supplements, medications, cosmetics, and whatnot. But is it good to give it to your furry friends? Holistic veterinarians have been incorporating CBD in treatments for dogs thanks to the evidence-backed benefits of CBD oil. Vets suggest that CBD oil works similar on dogs as humans, perhaps more effectively. 

With pet wellness in trend, people have started giving their dogs CBD oil-infused treats and products to control seizures, treat pain and anxiety, treat cancer, and more. If you are hesitant about using CBD oil for your dog, this post will help guide you to understand the benefits and uses of cannabidiol for your pawy friends. 

Let’s get started. 

The CBD Wellness Trend for Dogs 

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD doesn’t contain THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) - a compound that is responsible for giving the ‘high’ effect. So, it is considered safe for human and animal consumption. 

Is it safe to give your Dog CBD? 

The majority of the vets are advocates of CBD oil for dogs. But they strongly recommend not giving your dogs marijuana or substances containing THC. THC will work differently on dogs than humans. While you may have a great experience, it is extremely dangerous for dogs that can lead to death. So anything THC is completely off the charts. However, CBD might have positive benefits for dogs. 

Edward Bassingthwaighte, an Australian vet, reported that a senior Staffordshire Terrier suffering from metastasis and a 6 cm mammary tumour had it all gone in three months after the use of CBD oil. In another instance, he stated that a Jack Russel Terrier with painful arthritis and a severe heart murmur is all fit and wants to go for long walks after just a one-month course of CBD oil.  

There are no explanations of how the CBD oil affected the dogs but the results are positive. Nevertheless, vets warn about the potential side effects that may arise with the use of cannabidiol. 

How Does it Affect Dogs? 

While there is no formal study yet on how CBD affects dogs, scientists believe that the CBD oil can interact with the endocannabinoid receptors in dogs that are located in their central and peripheral nervous systems. This can help the dogs to maintain the balance in their body and keep it in a healthy state. 

What Dog Health Problems can CBD Oil Treat? 

While the researchers are still looking into this aspect, so far, they are finding that there is a lot to like about CBD oil for dogs. Since CBD is helping humans, your dog might also reap similar health-boosting benefits. Let’s discuss a few about them. 

#1 CBD Oil for Noise Phobia and Separation Anxiety

The majority of the dogs out there suffer from anxiety related to separation and noise. CBD is known for reducing anxiety in humans. So, it might help dogs to stay relaxed and calm when they are uncomfortable. 

#2 Can Help Manage Epilepsy and Seizures 

According to reports, up to 5% of the dogs suffer from epilepsy and seizures. They are given drugs that contain potassium bromide and phenobarbital. While these can control seizures, they harmful to liver and other organs. CBD oil has many benefits similar to these drugs, but they aren’t harmful to the organs. 

#3 Help Fight Cancer 

Studies show that CBD oil has anti-tumour effect and has shown to prevent cancer-causing cells from growing in humans. According to vets, CBD oil can help remove the free radicals and cancer cells from developing, and it can also help in increasing the efficiency of cancer treatment. 

#4 Relieves Pain 

CBD oil has been proven effective in pain management. It can help treat chronic pain in dogs, including general inflammation, inflammation in acute pancreatitis, and intestinal inflammation. 

#5 CBD Can Protect the Nervous System 

CBD can help protect the nervous system in dogs and can help dogs suffering from nerve and spine issues. Most importantly, it stimulates the brain cells, preventing it from dying. 

#6 Increase Appetite 

If your dog is not eating, CBD oil may help. It can increase their appetite and help with nausea and vomiting. 

How to Shop for the Right CBD Oil for Dogs? 

There are several brands dealing with CBD oil for dogs. However, not all oils are created equally. That is why we recommend you research trusted CBD products backed by plenty of 3rd party customers. 

And always remember to request 3rd party lab-reports from potential CBD suppliers, these reports ensures the finished product contains that advertised dosage of CBD and ensures the THC content is within legal limits.