Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, famous for its tranquility and ideal enviroment and beautiful nature. In addition, the high quality of education, affordable study costs and attractive settlement opportunities are what make Perth an ideal destination for international students.

1. Learning & living environment

Perth is Australia's fourth most populous city, with an estimated 1.97 million people living in central Perth. Perth has a Mediterranean-style climate that is not polluted, with warm summers and mild winters. Surrounded by a vast wilderness, Perth has always been considered one of the best places to live in Australia. More than 80% of the residents said they did not dream of any place other than their home city. Because Perth has everything for an exciting and dreamy outdoor life: mountains, forests, rivers, seas, and crowded streets.

Perth has the advantage of being a city with no pollution and noise. It is the sunniest city in Australia with an average of 8 hours of sunlight a day, with a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean. In summer (from December to February) it is bright, sunny and dry while in winter (from June to August) the climate is humid but mild. In addition, the crime rate in Perth is very low compared to other cities, so the learning environment here is very safe for international students.

2. Education in the city of Perth

Perth has 5 famous universities such as Curtin University, Edith Cowan, Murdoch, University of Western Australia, ... Along with public and private primary and secondary schools, vocational training institutions and secondary schools. English Center, attracting more than 20,000 foreign students each year. On CatEight School Finder, you can search for all univertsities and schools located in perth and find all the courses provided.

With the goal of becoming an ideal destination for studying and living, the Perth educational institution works with 95% of the schools allowing international students to register and study here. Instructors are industry experts who deliver the State's highly practical approach to education, helping learners acquire skills closest to the needs of businesses.

3. Job Opportunities

Perth is often seen as the center of Australia's economy because of its wealth from its huge mining industry. The demand for human resources of these economic sectors is also the reason that in recent years, in addition to economics, information technology, universities focus on training in biotechnology and environment. Therefore, graduates of five universities in Perth are able to stay and work more easily than other regions.

With a student visa, you can work overtime up to 20 hours / week. This is an opportunity to help you become active and integrate into the living environment. It is also an effective way to practice English when you study in Australia.

4. Support policy

Perth has very helpful policies for international students. Despite being one of the places with the highest standard of living in the world, Perth is more economical than the US and UK.
Students, students can get 40% support when using public transport, buses travel between the urban centers of Perth. There is also a scholarship scheme for excellent students and a full tuition support policy for students enrolled in graduate programs. After graduation, this is also a promising land for students with the most attractive salaries in Australia.

5. Interesting experience

A special thing in Perth is that you can explore many cafes and restaurants here. Whether it's a cafe in Northbridge, or a underground Jazz club in the greenery Mt Hawthorn. For those who are passionate about food, you absolutely can go to Margaret River - home to Australia's finest wines and cheeses. Perth is also one of the places with many beautiful, convenient beaches for you to enjoy active summer vacations.

6. Living expenses

You can be proactive in spending by choosing to stay in the school dormitory or in a share room / share house. The cost to rent a house can be from 350 - 800 AUD / month or may be higher. Other expenses per week are about 300 AUD, including: Food and drink, grocery services, gas and energy, telephone and internet, travel, entertainment. Thus, the cost of living expenses that international students spend when studying in Australia on average for 1 month will range from 1,000 - 1,200 AUD / month.