The cannabis plant might be most commonly known around the world as being a recreational drug, but it’s actually an extremely versatile plant that you can find in many common products. 

The key distinction here is hemp vs marijuana. 

Although they both come from the cannabis plant, hemp is a variety that contains less than 0.3% THC (the main active ingredient in cannabis), whereas marijuana is any variety with a THC level greater than 0.3%. They both have their uses, but it’s hemp that has more than 50,000 different uses around the world. 

Hemp doesn’t actually block UV rays, but it serves as a good base for zinc oxide, which does block the harmful rays of the sun.  

It’s a little hard to imagine hemp in your sunscreen when you’re busy lathering it on during a hot day, but it’s certainly not uncommon for it to be in there. This just goes to show how versatile this product can be.

You’ve made it to the beach, you’ve got your hemp-based sunscreen on, and it’s time for a beer. Well, you might just find that your beer's got hemp in it too!

It’s not a common way of brewing beer, but you will find some specialist brewers who create a unique flavor by using hemp. As it’s hemp you won’t get any side effects other than the regular beer-related ones, but it does give it a unique identity. 

Hops and cannabis are very closely related, so they actually make a nice match when it comes to brewing. 

Edibles are now quite commonplace in both the CBD and THC varieties. 

However, some chefs are taking their creativity to the next level by adding cannabis to their food. By extracting the cannabinoids using cannabis extraction equipment from a company such as, chefs can create all kinds of flavors and effects with their cooking. 

It might seem whimsical, but there are restaurants opening up throughout the United States with quality chefs experimenting with cannabis. 

From beer to sturdy shoes seems like quite the leap, but that’s exactly the kind of versatility this plant has. 
Not only can your skin be protected by it, and the beer and food you’re consuming flavored by it, but the shoes you walked to the beach in can also be made from it! Hemp can make an amazingly sturdy shoe, and in some cases, they can even be waterproof.

This means your shoes can be made from natural products, helping to reduce the impact on the environment. 

Hemp is also a great base for many soaps.

It’s popular because it’s very gentle on the skin and it also has good moisturizing properties. Since it is naturally occurring and can be made without using any harsh chemicals, it appeals to lots of people who find that other soaps dehydrate their skin. 

So, to continue our beach analogy, now you’re back home, you can jump in the shower and wash off your hemp-based sunscreen with some hemp-based soap.