Life always leaves us with the need for something more, especially in our health. Being a vegan can cause that need to feel a bit greater, because it is not the easiest task to figure out what supplementation would be best!

One of those much needed supplementations could be Omega 3’s ,but suitable for the Vegans. We are going to hash out some options with Vegans. Just in case you need to know HOW important Omega 3’s are, let's dig into some reasons before we get to the options available to you. 

Depression: Anyone that suffers from depression should try including omega three supplements in their diets. For it can help prevent anxiety and depression, the EAP within the Omega 3’s are also very effective at fighting present depression.

A thriving pregnancy: Women who take Omega 3’s, while they are pregnant and after, actually helps their child's development in advance. The supplement itself is linked to having higher intelligence, and at the same time, a supporting lower risk in having certain diseases

Metabolism and heart disease: Metabolic syndrome can be such a woe for many people. Making it a severe challenge to lose weight. However, including Omega 3’s can help blast those challenges and reduce insulin resistance.

In addition, they also can improve heart disease risks and fight inflammation.

Mental health support: Mental health, and related disorders have been on the rise for years now. Omega 3’s fat can improve problematic mental health symptoms. Generally speaking, mental health issues and related disorders are because of low blood levels. Omega 3’s fat helps to fix that problem.

A decrease in cancer risks: A regular intake of Omega 3’s can decrease the risk of certain cancers.Those cancer include breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer.

Are there Vegan Omega 3’s supplements? You bet! Here are some suggestions to get you going.


What makes Flora such a fantastic option is that the company is extremely transparent about their manufacturing process. Their omega three supplements are made with Omega 3’s and omega 6 that come from a plant based compound and totally organic.

The compound includes unrefined oils such as evening primrose, rice brand, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, and believe it or not, they add a few extra oils for good measure.


NuTru is a company that is very environmentally conscious, in how they produce their products on a micro culturing level, and of quite clean conditions. The primary omega, found in their product, Omega three DHA and EPA.

Those omegas are derived from rich marine algae oil and produced into a plant based capsule.

Garden of Life

Garden of Life produces an exquisite brand of supplements, through their slow and thorough manufacturing process. The product, for our purposes would be the minimize algae omega three vegan, which the omega three and focus would be the d h a compound. 

You will also enjoy the fact that they are very transparent about their marketing manufacturing standards and process.

Nordic Naturals

Nordic naturals is most known for making fish oils, with a high level FOS certified standards.

They have made a vow to honor the earth. By using low impact earth friendly processes and practices.

One of their latest offerings are the vegetarian certified supplements, with the product being algae omega. Their algae omega is completely made from micro out algae, offering a concentrated dose of omega three

Aura Organics

The phenomenal thing about Aura Organics is that they take people into mind who hate taking pills. They have developed a line of sprays that are highly concentrated and get to the brain, a lot quicker than taking pills. 

The omega three option from this company is the nothing fishy here omega three spray. This product has been sustainably sourced from microalgae. And it is rid of heavy metals, mercury, and pesticide.

In addition, it is also produced with MCT oil, taken from coconut and sunflower oils, these oils also help to be a transport in delivering the Omega 3’s quicker to the brain. All of Aura Organics products are made free and pure from synthetics.

How do vegans get omega 3?

Believe it or not, there are a vast variety of sources to get Omega 3 from like, ground flaxseed, flaxseed oil, chia seeds and canola oil.

Also, some additional, healthy sources to include in your diet would be soybeans, leafy green vegetables, walnuts and hemp seed oil. It is also, as discussed above, possible to gain these fatty acids, through algae produced supplements.

If you'd like to get your vegan omega 3 dosage from food, try including chia pudding. A delicious dessert into your regular menu will be a delicious and healthy treat. If you are desiring to incorporate Omega 6 supplements into your diet, that is quite easy to do. Omega six is found in just about every nut seed oil.

Where can I buy vegan omega 3 supplements?

One of the great things about the times we are living in is that there's really no shortage of finding vegan supplementation. You can find them at GNC, the Vitamin Shop, Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods Market, NuTri vegan supplements and of course

Well, actually there is one more quality source to choose from and that is AdvaLife is a very impressive company that can be trusted. They bring advancements to the overall supplemental industry, through new technology.

AdvaLife doesn't just utilize technology but they also leverage infrastructure supply chains and human resources of their parent company which is called AdvaCare Pharma USA, to create dynamic liquid capsules. Industry experts for decades have contributed to the development of the liquid capsules.

The vegan capsules made for their Omega 3’s product are made of raw materials that are potent and pure. All of which are certified sources. AdvaLife (unlike most manufactures), controls the whole process supply chain.

Well, there you go, some solid Omega 3 options for Vegan’s to help you get the fullness of nutrition and wellbeing.