Need an economical and eco friendly way to spruce up your space? We’ve got you covered with these incredible paint tricks and faux finishes. 

Unless you’ve been completely out of the loop, which given the circumstances of 2020 is entirely possible- you’ve probably noticed the trend of people transforming their lockdown spaces into incredible chill palaces. Since we’ve been spending more time at home, people are starting to take a renewed interest in their environments, swapping out fixtures, reorganizing, some undergoing full on renovations. 

However this method of much needed mending doesn’t come cheap. So we wanted to explore the best ways to completely transform a space, no power tools required. What we found? Decorative paint finishes! Meoded Paint and Plaster, located in the hub of avant garde and high fashion, Los Angeles, California- gave us a few spectacular tips on how to change the entire feel of a room without ever breaking a sweat. 

Decorative Paint

Thanks to decades of abuse, decorative paint finishes have gotten a pretty bad rap (we’re looking at you, motorhomes of the ‘80s). But used correctly, there is a whole world of color, texture, and transformative power held within a can of decorative paint. There are quite a few different finishes of decorative paint, but these are the finishes you need to totally inspire your work-from-home space


From upcycling old furniture to creating mural-like feature walls, metallic paint is something we just cannot get enough of right now. There are a million ways to use metallic finish paint. Use as an accent color on ornate furniture to make every area of architectural interest pop. The geode look on both walls and wood accents is incredibly on-trend, bringing in a touch of bling to a decided zen vibe. 


Don’t let the name fool you, suede finish paints are coming back, and we’re not even mad about it. What was once relegated to your great-aunt's bathroom, has matured and definitely undergone a well deserved glow up. Suede finish decorative paint gives your walls stunning depth, while still allowing enough sheen to get light bouncing around, keeping the room bright, even if your color palette is moody. A suede finish wall will make all those new house plant you bought during the first few months of lockdown look their best. Offering a deep contrast to vibrant greens and natural textures. 


Even if you’re not in love with that princess vibe, glitter paint is something worth giving a second glance. It creates an ethereal glow and subtle texture that can go with any color palette or aesthetic. That being said, it can still definitely be the showstopper when you’re looking to create some over the top glam. Meoded Paint and Plaster gave a breathtaking example of how pretty pretty princess isn’t just for the nursery any more. Bringing together hard and rich textiles of ages passed and placing them against an almost so-pretty-it-hurts soft pink, leaving us speechless and seriously considering the design of our existing boudoir. 

Concrete Plaster 

Here’s where all that covid downtime really starts to pay off. Decorative plaster finishes and wall textures are as insanely gorgeous as they are versatile, giving the perfect illusion of chic luxury without ever having to hire a contractor. Decorative plaster can lend itself flawlessly to a number of the hottest looks we’re all dying to get into our spaces. 

From subtle texture to fully revamped design, the versatility of this medium knows zero bounds. It’s the vigilante of home decor tools, easily creating an entirely new environment- any way that you can imagine. 

This isn’t brick. 

This isn’t wood.

And this, my friends, isn’t a concrete wall. In fact, each and every one of these statement making wall treatments have been achieved by using concrete plaster. Showing you exactly why you need decorative plaster in your life. Still not convinced?

Using concrete plaster can easily and affordably give your space an entirely new personality, bringing fresh modern perspectives even to outdated architecture. So instead of ripping out walls, or redoing an entire staircase, maybe just consider using a bit of plaster instead. 

The clean industrial feel is something that blends beautifully with a number of different styles and aesthetics, creating a warm and enlisting environment without the cost of heavy lifting or new construction.

Did we mention that decorative plaster can be used to create depth and dimension on ceilings as well? This is why concrete plaster and coordinating decorative paint finishes are our covid go-to. There’s just nothing that can’t be achieved if you’re looking to create added visual impact, no matter what size your space.