What makes the perfect haircuts for men? When looking for a haircut, men want to not just emphasize the overall look and feel of their image but to showcase their best features. While you don’t need to consider a lot of things to find the best haircut for you, hairdressers have identified the key three elements that one should keep in mind to make the right choice. 

Today’s fashion has a mind blowing variety of haircuts for men, where everyone from restless teens with bright personalities to sophisticated gents and businessmen can find a unique option that will complement them best. But, you can’t pick a random cut or blindly follow your preferences. 

“You should focus on three things to find your ideal haircut: your face shape, your lifestyle, and your texture. The last one, however, is fundamental — once you know your hair type, you can get the haircut that will get the most of it,” hair pros from MensHairCuts.com say. 

These guys take men’s haircuts as science, and below, they’re sharing everything modern men should know to finally understand their hair types. See which cuts and styles to look for and which ones to avoid!

Thick Hair 

Those who weren’t blessed with a thick mane consider this hair type as a holy grail of men’s masculinity. If it makes you feel any better, thick hair is not so bright: it’s pretty heavy, unruly, and quite hard to manage in terms of styling. Men with this hair type should be careful when maintaining the hair length, as, you know, you’re always one inch away from a bushy look. 

Cuts to look for: despite common misconceptions, long shaggy haircuts for men will be a good choice, as the weight of the dense hair will balance out the look and won’t over-volumize the top. Medium side-swept looks with sharpened edges, fades, and razored parts are another nice way to get rid of extra weight and showcase the best side of dense hair. 

Cuts to avoid: it’s better to stay away from super short non-layered looks, as they will give you an unkempt look with too much volume on top that will ruin the balance. 

Fine Hair 

This texture needs no introduction: it tends to fall flat, usually doesn’t hold the style for a long time, and makes it hard to build the volume. But, with the right haircut and styling tools, it can be your blessing. 

Cuts to look for: shoulder-length and medium looks like crew cuts, undercuts, and layered back swept options are the best weapon against finer locks. These ideas are short enough to make the hair more flexible for creating volume and long enough to add some texture and hence make the hair fuller visually. 

Cuts to avoid: step out of short haircuts for men like the buzz and classic short crops, even if you’ve been wearing them for ages. While they don’t outweigh your hair, they always give away that it lacks body. 

Curly & Coarse Hair 

Guys with afro, jewfro, or simply thick textures have the most demanding hair. But the good news is that modern barbers know how to deal with it and give the wearers a low-maintenance routine. 

Cuts to look for: all curls, kinks, coils, and thick waves differ in shape and size, so your task is to keep the hair neat on the sides and back, and well-defined on the top. Ask your barber to pick the cut based on your curs, as it dictates the best shape of the cut. Whatever you choose, don’t forget about fades. 

Cuts to avoid: don’t go for too bushy and long haircuts for men just for the sake of your hair care: your texture is prone to breakage and dryness. In other words, the more hair you have, the harder it is to keep up with the look. 

Wavy Hair 


Something in between curly and straight, wavy hair sometimes seems to live its own life. Basically, waves are not created equal, so every man can have a totally different wave pattern. Still, it has a universal approach with which you won’t go wrong on your way to showing your straight-to-wavy locks who’s boss.

Cuts to look for: everything that’s short on the sides and long on the top will work perfectly, setting the right shape for the top and keeping the sides clean. If you have an uneven pattern, undercuts, crew cuts, and tapers will be your best friends. Or, if you want to turn the wave into a sharp textured feel, you can go with a choppy Caesar or messy crop. 

Cuts to avoid: if a haircut doesn’t feature a fade or taper that balances out the sides, back, and top with smooth graduation, that’s not your option.

Modern haircuts for men have an approach to any hair type, face shape, and image. At the same time, men themselves should take the right approach to choose their haircuts and get the best look possible. And your hair type is what will do the talking. Today, you’ve learned which haircuts will help you reveal the full potential of your texture, so you’ve got everything to make the next barbershop appointment game-changing. 

Source: MensHaircuts