Starting a small business has become so much easier in 2020. With the right strategies, a company which started from humble beginnings can easily flourish into an empire. There have been a lot of success stories just like this, and most have started as small “online shops” in different social media platforms. Luckily, yours can be at your fingertips - all you need is to start it.

Different websites can now cater to small businesses. One popular example is Instagram. However, there are shopping websites like Etsy and Poshmark where sellers can just register an account and start uploading their products. Whatever platform you use, a boost for your online business is important to attract possible customers. One of the marketing strategies that can help you with that is having custom promotional products.

If you have been thinking of starting your online shop to sell your crafts or products and in need of that little boost, here’s how customized promotional products can help you with that.

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You can use custom promotional products as giveaways and contest prizes.
Who doesn’t want free stuff, right? These strategies work every single time and all you have to do is set the giveaway or contest rules. This is best done on your Instagram page since it is easier to promote posts there. 

Examples of the rules are they must follow your account, like your post, and tag their friends on the comments section. The last one helps in attracting more people to join and of course, know about the shop. You can purchase shirts, notebooks, tote bags, water bottles, etc. and have them personalized with your business logo on them. People will be interested, trust me! If you are thinking of doing this, see promotional products here.

Add promotional products as souvenirs for every order.
People nowadays like sharing their purchases online. For you to utilize this opportunity, add in that customized tote bag with the name of your shop on it with the order of the buyer. Best believe that there will be a high chance that they’ll include them in their “hauls”. Plus, receiving free stuff from you will give the customer the impression of good customer service and will drive them to purchase again.

Customized promotional products that can be used every day give your business more exposure.

There is a possibility that the people who received your promotional products will use them every day. For example, a customer who received that good quality sports bottle, personalized with your shop’s logo, can use it when he or she goes to the gym. Or, that custom reusable bags you’ve given away can be used by your customers when going to the market. These are the kind of opportunities you need for your business to get as much exposure.

This may cost you money, however, it has been tested and proven the effectivity of customized promotional products as a marketing strategy. If you want that boost but doesn’t have the means, you can always start small like with pens and stickers. Just know that having these marketing strategies is crucial for your startup business. You have to start somewhere right?