Are you new to online betting?  Does the word sportsbook make you question the gambler in you?  These are all questions that ran through our mind when we first started off with our sports betting regime. 

Betting online is a really simple task once you have mastered some tricks, however if you are new to the scene, you might face some challenges. If you are a newcomer to sports betting, you might be going through sites to get some hints and tips, that’s normal. How to place a bet, how to read the odds … you can find all of this info online. How about taking a look at our beginners guide for sport betting?  We promise to teach you all ins and outs of sports betting to morph you into a pro. 

How to find the best Bookmaker

When we mention the term ‘sportsbook’ many major pillars in sports come to mind. There is Bet365 that has a solid reputation in the industry,and has been going strong for many years. The company also sponsors some football teams, so you just know that they mean business. Also check out new companies, as these are the ones that offer you special sign up bonuses and compete to have your full attention.  We have received positive feedback about 10Bet also, so you might want to check that out for yourself.

Τo find the right bookmaker,you will need some help. We recommend to use this site, that has bookmakers reviews, comparison and many others tools that can help you in your first steps. So let’s start with some pointers, shall we?

Sign up to more than 1 site.

They say that diversity is key and this also applies to you choosing your sportsbook. Why sign up to just 1 site, where you can sign up to many and enjoy the perks that each site offers you. Including special bonuses of course. 

Things to look for.

If you adamant to sign up to just one site, just make sure that the said site ticks some boxes for you. It would be best if the site offers you quick cash-outs, and also an in-play betting feature (betting during the actual sporting event taking place) One of the traits to also look for is to ensure that the sports betting site offers you an accumulator protection, so you still take home some money if your chosen team does not win. 


One site differentiates from the other via many things, but one thing to keep in mind is of course bonuses. Compare sites, compare bonuses, and if need be, scoop not 1 bonus but 2. 

Depositing and withdrawing your money

One of the biggest secrets in gambling is of course the no deposit bonuses. This is a way that you can enjoy a bet or two on the house, so you can just test the site, and see if this is the sports betting haven for you. Just read the small printed info at the bottom of those T&Cs as most probably, once you win you would need to make a deposit so that you can enjoy your winnings. Having said that No-Deposit bonuses are a great way to decide if you want to deposit and play at the said site. 

Here is what we suggest you do …

Set limits for your gambling time

Just like spending money in your teenage days, it would be best if you set yourself with some limits when enjoying sports betting. You can easily get carried away, and that could lead to you losing all your money. Some sites offer you the facility of playing a maximum amount of money you can play around with. Use this facility! Daily deposit limits are key to keep you grounded at all times.

Use only one payment method

A solid site would offer you a great and diverse amount of payment methods. Some of these would also offer you bonuses when using their services. We always suggest that if you choose a service provider for your gambling, you stick to that one. If you choose a credit card, you will also be abiding by the laws and regulations that go hand in and with the T&Cs of the said sportsbook. 

Fast Withdrawals

Always check out the timescales that the site offers. To withdraw your winnings, you would go to ‘My Account’ and follow the instructions provided by the cashier. Some sports sites offer you a 2-5 day timescale to get your funds, whilst others offer an immediate withdrawal process. We always suggest that you read the T&Cs to make sure you know when your winnings funds will reach your pockets.  Just keep in mind that some betting sites offer immediate withdrawals but then the funds will reach you depending on the timeframe imposed by your chosen payment partner. Using Paypal, NetEller and Skrill is always a faster approach, just keep track of the charges they might impose. 

The art of placing bets

Sometimes you can place a bet and you get super lucky with a win, but your winning streak might fade out if you are not into the said sport and the maths behind it. We always suggest that before you place a bet on a team you look at the statistics, you look at winning streaks and you evaluate the results that the opponent achieved. Reading these tips we provide you will also play a big part in your winning possibilities. 

Let’s take football for example. When placing a bet or two at your bookmaker site, always look out for any special offers, Check out the performance of the said team and check out if any new players joined. If there are any coupons that you can benefit from, enjoy.  Click on the football menu at the sportsbook site, and looking at the bet odds will also assist you in placing that winning bet. In-match cash outs will also help you take some cash home, even if your winning team is not doing so well.

Keep an Eye on the Scores (In-Play Features)

Have you placed the bet yet?  Forget going for a pint and hoping for the best, we suggest that you stay on the site to monitor the scores and odds. Here are some stuff to look out for: 

Game Live Streaming

Some bookmaker sites will allow you to watch the match and even to withdraw some of your bet money before it is too late.  Other sites will only allow you to watch when you would need to meet the minimum required amount in bets. Watching you match live is always a great way to make sure that you take some money home. Some game odds will change during the match. Use this to your advantage to cash out when it is time to do so. 

Have fun but play responsibly

The Last thing to keep in mind is that gambling is intended for fun purposes. Your bankroll should have a limit, a limit that you can afford. When the fun stops, this is when you should stop betting.  And if you feel that betting is taking over your life, there are many companies that can help you for free.