There is nothing better than being your own boss and setting a schedule according to your own preferences and needs. With Uber and Lyft, you can make this all real. Independence carries a lot of responsibility, but with the time you will experience a pleasant feeling of being able to handle it all.

Few people take matters into their own hands, but if you decide to do so, you will become the only person responsible for your earnings. This gives you a lot of autonomy and also satisfaction as the payoff can be very good without great effort.

In order to become a Lyft or Uber driver, you need to learn about the requirements that must be met. We have sorted out the requirements for your vehicle and those for the drivers. In the article below, you will easily find all the information you need to start working with any of these two known ride-sharing platforms. Check out this page to find additional information about shared rides and, for example, possible insurance options.

Drivers Requirements


In order to start your journey with Lyft, you need to have a valid driver’s license. The age requirements vary by state, but in most of them, drivers should be min. 25 years old.

You need to pass a screening of the driving history. The company owners will want to know whether you have any criminal records. 


Uber requires you to be min. 21 years old and have some experience as a driver. At least 3 years of experience if you are under 23 years old, and at least 1 year when you’re older. Of course, a valid driver’s license is also needed.

A smartphone with a Lyft Driver app or Uber app is crucial in both cases since it’s the way to search for your new clients and track the current ride.

Your Car

In order to provide the best rider experience, both platforms are doing their best to determine the most precise preferences for vehicles, so that a new driver can start their first courses with confidence. Here are some safety and comfort requirements for a car you want to drive:


Specifications may differ a little depending on the state you live in, but your car should generally have 4 doors and 5-8 seats. It would be best if you check the list of subcompact vehicles that are ineligible for driving. For example, if you own a Ford Fiesta, unfortunately, you can’t use it as your Lyft vehicle - it is not considered comfortable enough. The car you want to drive when working as a Lyft driver cannot be titled as non-repairable or rebuilt.


Requirements also vary depending on the region, so you should check it before signing up. Generally, your car should be registered for at least 5 people. Also, it should be in good condition with valid insurance and technical service.

What Documents Do You Need?

The most crucial document is your driver’s license, so make sure it’s valid. The same goes for your personal vehicle insurance (make sure that it has your name on the policy - it’s mandatory).

Both platforms will require you to upload your photo. It is a crucial part of your driver’s profile that makes the first impression on your passengers. It is obligatory, but don’t just take it as an unpleasant duty. A decent photo, in good light and with a smile, can bring you higher ratings and better tips.

For Lyft, additionally, you will need a vehicle inspection sticker, but only if you want to work in  Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York State. Remember to check if your annual inspection is valid.

Uber also wants you to submit proof of residency in your city, state, or province.

Signing Up

Signing up is easy, and it looks similar in both applications:

Fill up the application in Lyft or Uber websites, or in applications (download it from the App Store or the Google Play store).
Upload the required documents and see if you passed the background checks.
Wait until your account activation is complete.
Log in to the App and start earning money!


It may seem that there are a lot of requirements for Uber and Lyft drivers, but the platforms offering rides must meet the highest standards. It is about the comfort of passengers, but most importantly - their safety.

Once you learn what steps to take in order to obtain the status of a driver, it won’t be so difficult to navigate the application process. Just make sure that all the documents you are asked for are valid, have your car inspected and check the specific requirements for the region you want to operate in.