You’ve seen it everywhere – athleisurewear! If you haven’t yet tried this trendy style out for yourself, then you’re definitely missing out! After all, doesn’t it sound amazing to be able to wear comfortable clothes basically anywhere you go? Of course, it does! However, it isn’t necessarily as straightforward as wearing your stinky gym shorts out to lunch. 

There are some general tips and tricks to follow when it comes to athleisurewear. If you’re new to the game and are looking for some inspiration while you figure out your style and favorite pieces, then here are seven trending men’s athleisure outfits to try:
Crewneck Sweatshirt and Matching Sweatpants

The first trending athleisurewear outfit is the classic crewneck sweatshirt and matching sweatpants. Thankfully, we aren’t talking about your typical $5 gym sweatpants. Proper athleisure sweatpants are more tailored while still being comfortable and functional for both working out and hanging out afterward! This matching look can create a really seamless outfit that can then be accented with different colored accessories like shoes and hats.
Matching Tracksuit

If you like the matchy-matchy look, then you also might want to consider a matching tracksuit. Tracksuits are huge in athleisure because they provide a really chic and simple look while still being light and breathable enough to wear elsewhere. Wearing a matching tracksuit creates a really polished and chic look that is comfortable and fashionable at the same time – what could be better?
Hoodie and Joggers With a Jacket

Another trending athleisurewear outfit is to wear a hoodie and jogging pants with a more structured jacket like a denim jacket or even a leather jacket. Adding in a less casual piece with athletic pieces is a great way to transform straight “workout” clothes into “athleisure.” This is a great look for cooler weather since it’ll keep you nice and warm.
T-Shirt and Joggers With a Blazer

Similar to the previous look is wearing a t-shirt and jogging pants with an actual blazer. This is another way to really increase the formality of your athleisure outfit while still remaining comfortable. This is a great look for a casual lunch or walking around town.
T-Shirt and Button Down With Workout Shorts

If you’re looking for something better suited for warmer weather, then a t-shirt with an open button-down shirt with workout shorts is a great trending athleisurewear outfit for you! This is a great option that’s a little dressier than your typical workout outfit since it includes a button-down shirt. It’s great for a spring brunch outside or even a day on the boat! So pair it with a nice pair of leather shoes and a watch to really bring the entire look together.
Tank Top and Sweatpants

A tank top and sweatpants is a really casual athleisurewear outfit that’s perfect for changing weather. The tank top will help keep you cool in hot weather and can be easily adapted to colder temperatures inside the air conditioning with a jacket.
Hoodie and Workout Shorts

Finally, the last trending athleisurewear outfit that you need to try is a hoodie and workout shorts. This outfit is perfect for running errands around town or taking a nice walk with your dog. Pair it with a nice pair of sneakers to complete the outfit and really embrace your newfound love of athleisurewear!
Athleisure is something that works well in a variety of different environments, climates, functions, and occasions. You can dress it up or you can dress it down! One of the best things about athleisurewear is that there aren’t many concrete rules on how to style it. However, that can also create some challenges. So hopefully with these trending outfits as a guide, you can get out there and rock your athleisurewear!