Hail is a common cause of destruction in most parts of the globe. These are balls of ice that form when drops of rain are lifted upwards by thunderstorms into cold regions of the atmosphere with sub-freezing temperatures. 

They are quite different from frozen raindrops. Hail falls as solids, commonly referred to as hailstones, and they are capable of causing various forms of damage on properties or a structure.

Types of Hail Damage

Common types of hail damage you are likely to suffer include:

Roof Damage - It is the first part of your home or structure to get damaged when there is a hailstorm. Roof damage in such a scenario is usually difficult to detect, and this might result in other troubles. You may experience leakages through your roof or the walls due to unrepaired damage. The best thing to do is hire an expert to inspect various parts of your home or business after a hailstorm. 
Window Damage - The windows and sidings of your home are vulnerable to hailstorm damage. This happens when the hail falls at angles and lands to the siding and windows of your home. It will result in cracking and chipping holes. 
Car Damage - Parking a vehicle in an open spot can easily result in hailstorm damage. Hail will damage your windscreen, metal, and other plastic parts of a car.  
Skylight Damage - It is a special window set in the roof meant to let in light. Hail can easily result in skylight damage. Cracks and holes easily form on this part of the roof meant to let in more light.  
Property Damage - Apart from affecting your building and other structures, hail can also damage your trees and other plants in your compound. External appliances like HVAC units can also get damaged easily during hailstorms. 

Such damages will leave you counting losses, and you may incur a lot of expenses on repairs. You may also lack peace of mind when clouds start forming in several instances. Having your property insured against hail damage can save you all that. You will get compensated and fix any damages that arise as a result of hail destruction. Insurance companies pay out a lot of money for hail claims every year.

At times you may have a difficult time trying to convince your insurer for your settlement. Once you file your claim, your policy provider will send an insurance claims adjuster to assess the hail damage and determine the amount you deserve as compensation. Most insurance companies are in business and will do anything to keep the payout low. You might even be denied in several instances Hiring an insurance property damage lawyer is essential during this process. 

We are a leading law firm with a team of lawyers who have vast knowledge and expertise in insurance laws. Our attorneys have the necessary resources to conduct a parallel assessment and document your claim with the required evidence. We will use this to negotiate with your insurance provider and convince them why you deserve full compensation for the hail damage. You should reach out to us if you are having challenges resolving your hail insurance claim.

Reasons to Hire Us

We pride ourselves as one of the best law firms with sharp legal minds that can help you secure your hail damage claim with minimal challenges. Here is why you should hire us for your hail damage claim. 


We have a team of experienced insurance attorneys who will work day and night to help you secure your settlement. Our years of practice in this industry and the number of hail damage claim follow-ups we have recovered fully are unmatched. We also have attorneys who are familiar with different insurance laws. They will utilize this knowledge to help you secure your claim. We also go through your company policies carefully to ensure everything is guided accordingly.

Affordable Service

We will help you secure your claim at affordable rates. Legal fees should be the least of your worries when you choose us. Our hail damage claim lawyers will assess your situation and give you a breakdown of the legal fees you are required to pay. We won’t charge you any extra amount if there is no full recovery for your hail damage claim

Legal Counsel

Our experienced lawyers also offer the necessary legal counsel that can guide you when seeking hail damage claims. After assessing your situation carefully and going through your company policies, we will offer the best advice to help you secure compensation for hail damage on your property.

Claim Documentation

We can also assist you in documenting your claim to present it before your insurance provider. Our attorneys have enough resources to seek assistance from different experts who can assess your home and record all the potential damages. They will also help us determine the costs of different damaged items in your home. Our lawyers will help you present all the proof required to secure your claim.

Detecting hail damage to your home is somewhat complicated. You need to carry out regular inspections after a hailstorm to check for any damages. You may become time-barred when you look out for these damages at a later stage, and getting your claim will be a complicated affair. File your compensation claim immediately you notice hail damage on your roof and other parts of your home.

The following are instances you can hire us or seek help.

When your claim is denied unfairly
When you fail to reach an agreement with your insurance provider on the amount you deserve for your claim.
If there are delays in sorting out your claim
When facing unfair treatment or feel that an insurance provider is violating your rights.

You should not sit down and watch as a specific insurance provider is infringing your rights when seeking a hail damage claim. There is an option to appeal for any unfair settlement or treatment you get from your insurance provider. You can appeal to their tribunal. 

If they fail to cooperate or still offer a low or no solution, you can opt for courts. We are always ready to help you with whatever option you choose to seek compensation from your insurance provider. Our lawyers are conversant with insurance laws and will go through your insurance policies before advising on the next course of action.

You should always pay your premiums to avoid filing a claim when your cover has already expired. The chances of getting compensated with an expired insurance cover are very minimal. Make sure you are up to date with your insurance provider to reduce the chances of having your claim denied. 

Why You Should Document Your Hail Damage Claim Correctly

Failure to document your hail damage compensation request as required raises your chances of missing out or getting underpaid. You need to collect all the necessary evidence. Make good use of your phone’s camera to take quality photos of the damage in your home. You should also include everything in your claim and make sure what you add is covered in your policy. 

Louis Law Group’s lawyers can help you document your compensation request. We will use our expertise and knowledge of insurance laws to draft something that will help you get compensated fast. All these will be by the policies of your service provider. How about you choose us to have a smooth time securing your claim.