A green card is given to the non-United States citizens to allow them permanent citizenship. This allows them to work and live there. There are some benefits of green cards like lower study fees, unemployment benefits, social security benefits, and better career options.

People usually come to the United States and start the process of getting their green card. There are many things related to green cards and its benefits and most people have questions related to them. Here we will answer all your questions related to green cards and unemployment.

Do Green Card Holders Qualify for Unemployment?

Unemployment benefits are allowances given to citizens by the government who are not employed anywhere. But some conditions are required to be fulfilled by everyone. Green card holders also qualify for the unemployment benefits only if they fulfill these requirements.

Being unemployed not because of your fault.
You are an authorized person to work in the United States.

If you fulfill these requirements, then you are eligible for unemployment benefits.

What Benefits Do Green Card Holders Get?

The United States` government has its policies where the citizens are given many advantages. When you become a green card holder, you can get all of these benefits.

You can get huge discounts on your university fee.
You can take part in all kinds of political campaigns.
You can sponsor your relatives.
By getting a green card, you get qualified to receive social security benefits.
You get better career opportunities when you become a green card holder.
Traveling in and out of the United States becomes very easy when you become a green card holder.

Can I Apply for Unemployment with an Expired Green Card?

Well unfortunately No. You need to fill the requirements in order to get it. At part of those requirements is that you must have your green card and it must not be expired. In case of a lost Green Card, you will need to apply for a new one.

Will Applying for Unemployment Affect My Citizenship Application?

When you have applied for your green card, then there could be problems for you if you apply for unemployment benefits. These benefits are applied only for the citizens of the United States.

There are some cases where the person can be facilitated. There is a case where you are called a public charge. Here you can get the public benefits in a period of 1 to 3 years being a non-citizen. In this case, if the government finds you as a public charge, then your application for getting a green card will be denied.

Additionally, the government can ask your application to be canceled at any time if you are considered to be a public charge. In this period, you can get these public services once a month. If you get 2 services in one month, that will be considered as 2 months.

In the case where you are being found to be a public charge, you can be defended on some terms. This can be your age, family status, education, skills, health, financial status, and you get the public benefits in the past. In any case, you will be considered as a public charge only after looking at all of these things.

How Can I Get a Green Card Fast?

Everyone wants to get their green card as fast as possible. There are three ways of getting a green card fast. One is getting the green card via your relatives. This is an easy way of getting your green card, but it has some requirements like a United States citizen must be your family member and eligible to sponsor you.

Getting a green card via your employer is also an easy option but it requires the employer to fulfill some requirements. The easiest way of getting your green card is by the diversity immigrant visa program. Some requirements need to be fulfilled but these are easy to fulfill. To get your green card easily and faster, you can check this website: i-immigrate.org/


These were the answers to some of the questions related to the green card, green card holders, and public benefits like unemployment benefits.