If you’ve ever felt the need to get representation for a defense lawyer, you need to know what to expect. Some people think it’s like the movies, and we’re sorry, but it’s not an episode of “Matlock” or “How to Get Away with Murder”. Many people don’t understand all of the behind-the-scenes things that go on in their criminal case, or how their lawyers are handling things – so we’re going to let you know what to expect if you are tried and have charges against you, and hire a defense attorney to be at your side.

The First Step is to See What Sets Your Case Apart
While there are many people who have similar cases, the prosecution is going to look for things to pick that are unique only to you so it can be used against you. When this happens, you need to have a lawyer that’s going to look for these things so they’ll know how to defend them.

Lawyers Do a Lot of Paperwork
Believe it or not, attorneys have a lot more desk clerk work than even their secretaries. They have to continuously contact their client in every way possible, read numerous papers on court documents and cases so they can get all of the evidence and strategize, they need to write a lot of notes, and they have to help do their part to build your defense case. Sometimes, this can take time, and you may be feeling antsy. If this happens, you need to take a breath, and hope for the best – because this helps to ensure that the Franklin criminal defense lawyer is doing their job well. If your attorney starts to seem like they’re rushing your case along, they’re probably not taking all of their time so they can move onto the next client.

Discuss Pleas and Sentencing
Your lawyer will do everything they need to do, and then some – offering plea bargains and more. Depending on the pleas, they’ll be able to get you a shorter sentence – or none in some cases. It can help you eliminate other charges that are filed against you as well, which is something prosecutors won’t do if you are trying to be your own lawyer. Remember – even lawyers hire other lawyers to represent themselves if they’re being tried, so that says something.

They’ll Be Real with You
Something you need to understand, is that sometimes the most honest lawyers are often the best ones. If a lawyer can be real with you, they’ll explain to you what you’re going to face, and what you’re not going to be able to escape from. This may be cause you some grief, but remember, they’re still there to help with your defense. The best lawyers won’t hesitate to tell you “You’re going to go to jail. Let’s see if we can reduce the amount of time though.”

Just because you have charges lessened, you may still be charged with the primary criminal action. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your lawyer lost the case. Anything that they can do to help you reduce sentencing in any way means that they’re doing their job, and very well at that.