Many weed enthusiasts like using bongs because they help you get high as expected. Besides this, with bongs, you can control the flower that burns. No doubt, they are efficient and there is little weed that goes to waste. But other people are intimidated when they think of using a bong. This article will discuss why you need to use percolator bong for cannabis vaping. 

How a percolator bong works

You have likely come across percolator bongs but you’re not aware why they are popular or how they work. A percolator bong enables the smoke to go through the water. In this way, the water filters any bad chemicals that are in your weed. 

The idea for having a filtration system is to cool the smoke and allow the hit to be less harsh. A percolator features several holes, and each of these holes is designed to act as a diffusion point. 

Even better, the more holes a percolator has, the more diffusion takes place and improves the drag of each hit. The bottom line is that it depends on your lung capacity to clear your bong, meaning if there are several holes in your percolator bong, you may need more lung capacity.

The benefits of percolator bong

You can find various types of percolator bongs on the market. Tree Percs are perhaps the most common ones and they have a tube that runs through the middle and has arms that attach it. 

You can also find the Downstems which are considered to be the first percolators. These bongs have a simple design with a tube that goes into the water. Also, you can get showerhead percs that come with a tube that goes through the middle from its chamber below. 

As you can see, various types of percolator bongs are available on the market, but they all do the same job. Below are some of the benefits of using percolators:


One of the reasons why you should use a percolator bong is that you can get less harsh hits. You see, when you take hits from a joint or pipe with no water filtration system, the hits are harsh. Therefore, forcing the smoke to go through the water transforms the heated water into water vapor. This moisturizes the hit, making the smoke to be less harsh. 


The smoke can be quite hot when it comes out from the bowl, so you need water to cool it. This water also slows the flow of smoke into your lungs, which gives it adequate time to cool down. As a result, you can have desirable weed smoke which is not too hot. 


Once the smoke interacts with the water, there is a filtration process that happens. It means the more bubbles you see, the more filtration will occur. Water also attracts some chemicals in the smoke, meaning it can remove some harmful contaminants. With filtration, moisturizing, and cooling, you can have a smoother hit. If you are looking to buy a percolator bong check out online headshop Everything for 420.