So you have been locked out of your house! Don't Panic! A locksmith in Atlanta can prove to be a severe issue, especially when you have any pets or kids inside who need your presence or meal. At such a weird situation, when you have no one around, it can make you anxious with nothing in mind. Every big problem has a solution, but can be found only with a calm mind and proper guidance.

The first thing that may come in your mind is Google and look for quick tips to overcome this odd situation. Well! Luckily we have got a few steps in this panic state to help you out in this unwanted situation. They can be tried, and hopefully one of them can hit right. Hit and trial method is always helpful. So let's check out!

First Step: Seek help from your contacts, neighbours or roommate

The foremost step is to ask for advice from your closed ones who can be available at this crucial time. Make sure to call your friend, roommate, neighbour so that you can go inside and relax. Hassled decisions can be wrong! So need to calm your mind first. It can be kind enough to sit inside and spend less time outside. If you have a rented apartment, you can contact your landlord; they can help you with the copy of the house key. But if you have tried this first step and all in vain, proceed further!

Second Step: See if there is Unlocked Windows or Doors

Though it is not safe to keep the windows and doors unlocked, it is rightly said that there is always a blessing in disguise. Thus in such hard times, an open window can be a lifesaver. You can enter through the window, let off the screen. But yes, be careful when you jump inside through the window. Make sure you do not get yourself hurt by banging on to any furniture, TV, table etc.

Third Step: Make use of DIY Techniques

There are many DIY techniques which can be implied in real life(inspired by the reel life). Bobby pins and paper clips can act as the best DIY locksmithing tools. Just bend one of the metal pieces into the L shape. Straighten the other metal piece and make it into W shape. Try pushing the pins up with W shaped piece and unlock the door.

Try your luck! Maybe it helps.

Step 4: Remove the Door Knob

If your deadbolt on the door is not locked, you can get the chance to enter by just removing the doorknob. Many doorknobs consist of the hidden connections or any mounting screws, and if you look closely, there is a pin-sized hole or a slot to the side of the doorknob. If this portion is removed, you can easily open the door and make the unlocking of the door mission possible.

Step Five: Contact a Professional Locksmith Roswell

Though the professional Locksmith in Roswell would not be the cheap option, if nothing works, then surely calling a professional locksmith is the appropriate option to get into your home. 

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