A free spin typically allows online gamers to spin the reels without paying for the spin. Free spins are often included in welcome bonuses, are rewards for spending a predetermined amount of money gambling, and they can also be included as consolation prizes should a gambler place a high value bet and loses the bet.  In other words, free spins are used to attract and to retain customers

Consequently, the question that begs is whether you should take advantage of the free spins or not.

This question’s answer lies in the consideration of the benefits of using the offered free spins to gamble or not. If the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, then it is not worth using the free spins. If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, by all means, use the free spins.  And, should you want to garner free spins, get your free spins online now here.

By way of answering this question, let’s look at some of the benefits offered by online casinos. 

Spins with or without strings attached 
Casino offer two types of free spin bonuses: those with wagering requirements and those without wagering requirements. 

Let’s explain this concept by citing a simple case study. 

Let’s assume you’ve just signed up with Casino X, and as part of your welcome bonus you’ve been offered 50 free spins on anyone of the online casino’s slot machines. There is no deposit or wagering requirement attached to these free spins. And, all of the money from any winning spins will be transferred into your bankroll. 

Secondly, the casino has offered you 200 free spins after you deposit £20 into your gambling account. 

Thirdly, if you spend £10 per week playing slots, irrespective of whether you win or lose, you are eligible for 100 free spins for every week that you fulfil this requirement. 

It is vital to note, at this juncture, that the following rule applies to all gambling activities: 

The house always wins.

en.wiktionary.org clarifies this statement effectively: 

“In a casino, all gambling is designed so that the house (i.e. the casino owners) will always net a profit, regardless of the successes of the patrons.”

Winnings as a consequence of free spins are accrued to your account 

All of the winnings from both paid and free spins will always be accrued to your bankroll. However, the winnings from the free slots might have conditions attached to them. 

If we consider the case study cited above, we can see that the third free spin example has conditions attached to it. You need to spend £10 playing slots per week to earn 100 free spins. 

Some casinos include the virtual cost of a free spin in the total amount wagered for the week, while other casinos only calculate the actual amount wagered during the week. 

For example, if each spin costs £0.20, and you need to spend £10 per week, you need to spin the reels on a slot machine 500 times per week. If the casino includes your free slots into the wagering calculation, then you will only spend £9 to gain £10 worth of accrued wagering. On the other hand, if your casino does not add the free spins to your weekly wagering total, then there is no benefit gained from taking up this free offer.