Over the last several months, people have understandably been looking for ways to pass time. If you have lost your job or been furloughed, you may suddenly have a lot more time on your hands. Some people are turning to online casinos to pass the time, which also gives them the chance to win money. Others are turning to board games. Keep reading to learn about a few of the most popular ones.


It shouldn’t be surprising to learn that this is one of the top games right now, according to a recent study by Betway. “Pandemic board game” was searched over 246,000 times around the world in March. The only time this game has gotten even a fraction of that number of searches was during the Swine Flu pandemic in 2000. This game requires teamwork, making it great for bonding with your family members or roommates. In the Pandemic world, four strains of viruses threaten to destroy cities. You and the other players move around the board to cure different hotspots. As time goes on, the viruses will continue to spread. You work with the other players to balance finding cures while preventing the disease from spreading.

The above infographic was created at Betway

Settlers of Catan 

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny how much of an impact Catan has had in the board game industry since it was first created in 1995. The base game is for three to four people, but with some house rules, it’s easy for just two people to play as well. You’ll compete to be the first to gain 10 points (“victory points”) by building cities and settlements on the board. You take on the role of an early settler on the island of Catan and access a few resources to help you settle the area. The more settlements you build, the more resources you gain. You can also trade with the other player(s) to get a needed resource. There are also ports, where you can trade in a few of the same items to get one that you need.

The above infographic was created at Betway.


Some players like playing this game with four players because they believe it gives them more options to place their letters. But during a pandemic, you have to play with the people you have in your household, so it’s also easy to play with two people. The goal in Scrabble is to gain as many points as possible. The game consists of plastic letter tiles and a board to place them on. Each of the tiles has a number on it, which tells you how many points it is worth. So, if you were able to create the word “xylophone,” you would gain more points than if you could only create “dog.” Some squares on the board also have multipliers that might double the points. This game is about more than just making words. It’s also about the strategy to get the most out of what you have while maximizing your special points. For example, using seven letters gives you a 50-point bonus.