Business houses and corporate brands spend extensively on marketing and brand promotion activities. Their objective is a maximum brand recall. A brand's success doesn't depend only on increased sales and prominent media coverage. It also depends on how well people remember a brand and what it stands for. The 21st century business world is competitive and complex. New brands walk-in to the market almost every day, and each has a robust marketing strategy. The reason is no brands want to get forgotten! 

Each brand seeks to dominate the market, get more customers, create an interest in potential customers, and convert them into loyal customers. For this productive brand promotion activities are essential. The progressive and established brands are choosing smart mediums for the same. One of the standard tools for brand promotion is through office accessories and stationaries.

Why are brands taking this step?

There are several reasons for each brand to choose office stationaries and accessories for brand promotion. Some of the crucial reasons are:

1. These items have a practical use

Employees, staff, managers use office stationaries and accessories, and other workers regularly. They either use it inside the office or outside. For instance, corporate pencils and pens get used by employees during working hours and otherwise as well. Corporates can also send these accessories and stationaries as greetings and gifts for occasions like Thanksgiving and New Year Greetings. This way, they can promote their brand amongst employees and their families, friends, acquaintances, business partners, investors, and other social influencers who play an essential part in a brand's success. These accessories and stationaries have strategic placement of the brand logo and name, which acts as a business promotion tactic, without going over the top. 

2. It is cost-effective, and the returns are more

Every brand keeps a consolidated budget for their advertising and brand promotion activities. And during annual events, product launches, and other business events, the promotion activities cost more. Promotion through billboards, magazine ads, and signages also costs more depending on the frequency, duration, and location. However, office stationeries and accessories cost cheaper. Furthermore, when ordered in bulk, companies can get a good discount, which adds to the company savings. Brands and business houses can use these accessories and stationery products as their brand franchise products and share it as a gift to customers, as freebies or a welcome gesture. Every customer loves to own their best brand franchise, and that makes them feel counted.

3. There are several options to experiment with

Brands can experiment with many office stationery and accessories for their brand promotion! For instance, if they are taking part in a trade fair, they can provide branded pens and writing pads along with their company brochure and other correspondents. If it’s a media conference, they can create a combination of a pencil, eraser, pen, writing pad, and a channel file. It can act as a complete media docket, which carries the stationaries and the necessary company event collaterals, like a press release and company data. It enables the journalists to write down crucial points and also use the file for personal purposes. When other people gaze upon these stationaries, the brand gets noted and attains increased visibility. 

What are the best accessories and stationaries for brand promotion?

Brands can choose as many accessories and the stationery object they want for their brand promotion. It depends on the accessories their employees use most and their overall brand promotion budget. Some of the best options to choose from are:

1. The USB Lanyard chains

Most employees use the USB lanyard chains during work and even otherwise. It helps them to store crucial information and transfer the same to other employees during working hours. Some organizations customize a lanyard to carry both a USB and an ID card. That way, employees will always have their ID cards and USB devices intact in one place. Usually, these are two items that most employees are prone to misplace, either on their way to the office or while working. Using a lanyard, they can wear it and stay free from the worry of losing it or carelessly misplacing it. 

2. The corporate bandana

A bandana is usually doesn't qualify as a formal office item or accessory! But most brands today want to make their employees feel counted and good being a part of the brand they work for. Hence, they are fixating on corporate brand promotion through bandana's that are customized based on the company brand colors. Also, the logo gets placed smartly so that it doesn't appear out of place, over the top, or go completely over the top. Employees can wear this during corporate sports and other outdoor activities, where employees and their families get invited. These events also get attended by corporate managers of other brands, foreign delegates, media partners, journalists, event managers and the like. Companies can gift each of them the corporate bandana as a gesture of appreciation, which itself can act as a brand promotion tactic. If you want to try out this idea for your brand’s annual sports day, click here to know more about bandana. 

3. Corporate T-shirts, bags and caps

These are the most common brand promotion accessories that companies' opt-in for! Most companies allow their employees to wear a corporate T-shirt on a Friday or any other day, as a part of casual dress day. Employees can wear it during a business meet or trade fair when representing their brand on a global platform. Bags and caps are also widely used as its practical. Employees can use it daily irrespective of any event. Companies mostly customize it based on the employee size so that the products are of utility to them. 

Companies also promote their brands through company branded watches, pen stands, diary, files, coasters, bottles, coffee mugs, and many more. These are either used by employees or are given to chosen customers as a gift or greetings. Both employees and customers love to own a keepsake from their chosen brands. And companies leverage this aspect and plan their brand promotion tactics.