Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live our lives. It has forced us to maintain social distancing which is unnatural to humans as we naturally flock together like animals and birds. It comforts us to be around people, hence the current situation may feel unnatural to most people causing anxiety and depression. 

Here are a few things that you can do to ease out the anxiety and cope with the new lifestyle during the pandemic as advised by a Clinical Psychologist.

1. Develop a New Routine:

Things have changed now, as most of us are working from home, we need to adapt to these changes and make a new routine. Get up at your regular time and finish all your morning routines as usual. Fix your work time and do not indulge in personal work during that time. Do exercise after work in the evening to stay fit. You may not be going out but try to maintain the usual schedule mostly so that your day is structured.

2. Express Your Experience:

Someday you will remember this pandemic and tell its stories to your grandkids. If you maintain a journal, write about what is happening and how you feel every day. People write stories and play songs all the time that gives them hope and courage to survive the worst situations. Do not miss this opportunity to create something meaningful.

3. Acknowledge What You Miss:

Be realistic and express what you miss instead of ignoring and pushing it back of your mind. It's ok to feel sad and shed tears once in a while. Do not suppress what you feel but share it with your family. This will help you process the situation better and help in reducing stress and anxiety. Finally, once you are through this process, you will be able to accept the new reality.

4. Utilize this Time:

On the positive side, staying at home means you have more time to do things you never found time for earlier. Use this time to pursue your hobby and connect with your family. Play board games with your kids or read books you have piled up in your library but never got time to finish.

5. Practice Relaxation Techniques Anxiety:

As the media reports raising statistics of infected patients, it only makes you more anxious. Practice a few things to limit your anxiety. Watch news only once in a day to know what is happening in the world, do not check for corona updates every hour. Meditate every day to relax and calm your mind. Buy kratom which will aid to control your anxiety levels.

6. Focus on What You Have Over What You Don’t:

Make a list of five things you are thankful for every day and focus on that instead of what you are missing during the lockdown. You will see there are still several things in your life you should be grateful for. This will bring some positivity in your life.

If you feel sad or gloomy at times, it is alright. You are human and it is natural to feel uneasy in such an unexpected scenario. These uncertain times require you to take control of your life and emotions and not give in to fear. Maintain precautions and hope for the best to come.