Every morning, I used to hustle for making the right choice of watch for the day, and some more days went on. Now, my eyes stuck on SRPD91 that is another fantastic watch from Seiko watch brand. It reflects as if I made the right choice choosing this watch to make my mood and my day perfect. Each Seiko enthusiast will agree with me if I say it is worthy. With its affordable price of nearly USD 350, all its features come as a surprise as it is very challenging to expect too much in this range.

When you are buying a watch at this price, you would not expect any frills instead of a simple watch crafted in a hurry. However, it will be a pleasant surprise for you to get an automatic watch with manual winding capacity at this price. It comes with a stainless steel hard coating that does not break effortlessly. It's brushing on top and from sides is so clean that your fingers tend to slip from the polished edges. It has a super legible dial that is quite comfortable and classy to wear.

Seiko 5 sporty watches come with a variety of refined features and specifications that you will not get anywhere effortlessly. SRPD91 is something that is master of masters among the whole Seiko 5 watch series. It brings a see-through case back at your wrist that you can melt away seeing automatic movement from the case-back with your own eyes. Also, this transparent case back adds a captivating effect to the whole watch by making it looks luxurious. Trust me; this watch will make your friends get envious of you while seeing a piece of elegance adorning your wrist.

Coming to the other specifications, it displays not only the time but also keep you up to date with day and date details too. Getting one information as a bonus with another brings a broad smile to the face of the wearer. Also, its case comes with 42.5mm diameter means it is neither going to be giant on your wrist nor too small to disappear. All-in-all, you will not resist having so many features at the price of the little bundle of pennies.

Are you waiting for any other surprise to land on the sheet?

So, yes,  you have got Seiko 5 SRPD91 with the working duration of 41 long hours. So, if you are working day and night and thinking your watch can go off anytime, then you should know that you are not wearing any ordinary watch but a perfect pick from Seiko 5 watch series. Above all, the watch comes with Lumibrite both on its hands and indices that means you do not need to worry about the power cuts, as you can see time on SRPD91 watch even in the darkest hour of the night. The fluorescent light coming from its indices will amplify the beauty of your wrist and your clock even more. So, you are getting a powerful package in SRPD91 rather than a watch with some standard features.

Do you bother about water resistance properties now? In the affirmative, luck favours you a lot as Seiko SRPD91 comes with water resistance feature too. Though it is not a dive watch like the famous and expensive sports watches, yet, you can throw water on it without fearing that it will stop anytime. The reason is that it does not resist water in too much depth, but it can bear 10 bars of water effortlessly. I think it is more than enough in the price at which I got this watch. So, it is not wrong for me to say that this watch is ready for anything that you throw on it- even if it is water. Eventually, Seiko 5 Sports brings a great package of fantastic features, whether the function is expensive to afford or not. It is a brand that is beating the most prominent metric- that is fun.

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