The PUBG Gamescom was the first tournament that the games have had since its early launch on steam. There are 6 different game modes in PUBG that you can explore, and all of them are fit to be a part of competitive games.

This amount of game modes and single-purpose might suggest that PUBG is quite simple, but according to the players, it takes a real struggle to master this game. No matter how much experience you have, you’ll always have someone more experienced playing against you. This type of competitive environment is a perfect feature that makes PUBG a good game for eSports.

Big Numbers Everywhere

While the discussion about PUBG being a good candidate for eSports is also important, let’s take a look at what the other numbers about PUBG suggest.

Viewership of a game is one of the determining factors when it comes to shortlisting a good game for eSports. The viewership numbers of PUBG suggest that the title is amongst the most liked and viewed games in eSports. The live eSports broadcasts of PUBG have seen a peak of over 175k viewers. This is a huge number as far as the popularity of PUBG is concerned. However, the peaks are usually seen on the first day of the tournament, and the viewership generally decreases as the tournament continues.

Om the debut of this game in eSports, there were lots of critical issues noted, like poor camera work and bad commentary. But all of this is usually normal with the debut of a game in eSports. Criticism continues with everything in this world, but the main positive sign that was gotten out of this tournament was that the viewership per broadcast remained continuously over the 100k mark.

This viewership is only from the English language channel of twitch and doesn't include thousands of other language viewers that were watching from every participating player's twitch channel. Yes, the players were allowed to broadcast the plays on their twitch channels too.

Are There Any Potential Drawbacks

The role of RNG in PUBG is one negative aspect of this game when we consider it is a report. This mechanism is responsible for unprecedented endings in these games, which is bad for the clarity of games in which players are players for a reward. This is a structural default in the game, which is also found in golf. It makes the game very unpredictable.

The Main Purpose Is A Bit Different

When we talk about the imperfections in PUBG Gamescom invitational, all the forced restarts, horrible camera mistakes, and many loopholes, we find out that the tournament wasn't planned for the pure purpose of making money. It was to celebrate the whole community's love for the game. Everyone is excited to see PUBG amongst the top games being played in eSports (กีฬาอีสปอร์ต). The love of the whole community, combined with the dedication of the developers makes these games a perfect candidate for eSports.