Cannabis has come into trends recently. Some people use it because of health conditions; some do it for fun only. There are still many stereotypes and prejudices, as well as secrets and ambiguities about CBD because of its origin.

CBD is a chemical compound of the marijuana plant, which is taken out of the plant by turning into unique crystals, which they evolve morph into wax or oil. This substance can be pure (isolate) or contain some percentage of other chemicals.

The majority of cbd wax available in pharmacies is made from hemp and usually is isolated. The other type is also called full-spectrum can generally go from the plant itself. According to the law, a person has a right to cbd wax ( legal use.

However, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do it. There are many cases when consumers got ill because of the irresponsible use of cbd wax. For instance, babies and pets tend to eat wax when they find it accidentally, so they get sick.

Why is it essential to distinguish cbd wax from other products?

The importance of understanding what cbd wax is and how it should be used is not only the question of money you spend on the substance. The vaping industry is diversified today. Therefore, to satisfy your needs with minimum efforts and expenses requires knowledge.

What problem appears with cbd wax usage?

The major problem with cbd wax not only within the unprepared categories of users is that the lack of understanding that the wax is a concentrate. It means that you need some small amount of the substance to get the effect. It is critical to be able to apply the right dose for the desired result. Firstly, your body will not get stressed by ‘overdose’. Secondly, it merely saves you money.

How do we get the best cbd wax?

To put it simply, cannabinoids are being extracted from the raw marijuana plant. The plant contains hundreds of chemical elements. The most well-known are THC and cbd. They both were discovered in the previous century, but thc is studied better. It is thc that causes addiction and makes a person high. Therefore, medical marijuana is cbd. To produce it, manufacturers might use three main methods.

Oil Extraction. This method is cost-effective, so the producers use it to get a cheap cbd wax instead. In fact, usually, they use hemp flowers, which contain less THC themselves, not cannabis plants for it. The procedure lies in heating the flowers to a precisely defined temperature to make cannabinoid components active. After it, they mix cannabinoids with oil and ‘cook’ them together for some time. The only problem is that during the process, a part of cbd evaporates, and concentration is comparative law.

CO2 Extraction. This method involves the use of reassuring to pull carbon dioxide from the plant. This time, the temperatures used during the extraction are low, and the final product possesses the full range of properties in terms of flavor and effect. Unfortunately, the method is quite expensive, and not all the manufacturers use it.

BHO Extraction. This approach presupposes the mixture of cannabinoid essential oil with butane and the following evaporating of butane. The method is unusual, but not completely safe because butane is an explosive substance. Buying cbd-butane extracts are risky and should be done only from a reliable provider.

Are all the waxes the same?

Not really. In fact, it is difficult to find any cbd wax for sale. The sellers usually call it with other names, so here are some tips on how to distinguish between types of cbd wax and make a beneficial choice depending on personal needs.

Shatter. Visually, it is entirely different from the wax. It looks like crushed caramel. The manufacturers produce it either by heating or by the use of select chemicals. They extract the oil and let it harden. During the process, it takes the color of the caramel. When you heat the shatter, so it is ready to be used, it can be likened to honey, both in appearance and texture.

Budder. The method of budder production involves air pressure and high temperatures. Having undergone these procedures, hemp results in soft wax similar to butter or bee wax. It has given the name to the product.

Crumble. The method of production presupposes the use of pre-purged cbd oil being pressed with air and going through some transformations using chemicals. Viscosity and moisture of the output substance are rather high in comparison to other wax types. The consistency resembles the creamy cheese like brie or feta.

Live Resin. This approach deals with freezing. The plants are dried and frozen before the procedure itself. It allows getting a significant percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes out of the plants. The texture is the best of all wax types. This method is the most expensive because the concentration of marijuana is the highest.

How to apply cbd wax correctly?

Having elaborated on the difference between cbd wax types, you made a step forward towards its proper usage. There exist three main methods of cbd wax consumption, and understanding them is the second step.

Dabbing. This approach is quite popular today. Partially, because even if everything connected to cbd seems Greek to you, dabbing is easy, you just need to know several technical details. Firstly, you need a particular device called the dab rig. There are various kinds of rigs to buy. The central part of it is the nail – a place where you put the wax. It might be done of ceramics, glass, or other material. Secondly, you have to choose the cbd wax of good quality and calculate the amount that you will need. It is better to start with small doses to be able to control the influence of cbd.

Bong. There are no special requirements for the bong itself. You do the usual stuff, but put cbd wax into the bowl and enjoy the process.

Vaporising. The method is the most popular these days because vaping is a general trend. The other point in favour of vaping is that vaping device can be easily transported and you can vape on the go as well. The drawbacks are that you need a special tank for cbd wax, and the temperatures of vaping devices are usually a bit lower than in, for example, a bong. That is why it is essential to choose the correct vaping device for cbd wax.

These are the technical points of cbd wax usage. To get the direct recommendations of dose and consumption frequency, it is better to consult your doctor or at least talk to a reliable person who has medical education. It is almost impossible to guess the right dose on your own.