It's no secret that women love confident men. And one way to be one is to be an alpha male.

But that's usually easier said than done. There's probably lots you have to change about yourself, from the way you dress to the way you carry yourself.

Are you wondering how to become an alpha male? Then keep reading. Being alpha will be a cinch with our guide.

What Is an Alpha Male?

Before you tackle the task of how to become alpha, do you actually know what "alpha" is?

In recent years, this term has gotten a bad reputation. Most people associate "alpha" with things like "pickup artists," "gym bros," and "knuckle draggers."

But it's so much more than that.

It means you're able to balance the feminine with the masculine in your life, and that you're confident in your life values and visions. The most important thing is that you know what you want and aren't afraid to make your voice heard on it.

Now that you know what an alpha male is, now you can start your alpha male training.

Be Assertive

One of the most important things about being alpha is that you're assertive. If you're used to blending into the background, then stop it. If you continue with that pattern, then you'll always be beta.

Be aware that being assertive isn't the same as being aggressive. For example, if you wanted to confront someone about a certain issue, you'd go about it in a rational and constructive manner.

By doing so, you can get further along than if you approached it in an aggressive and pressing way.

If you continue to have issues with someone, you'll keep letting them know. It's important that you know your worth and what your values are. Never back down, but don't be overbearing either.

Turn Away From the "Nice Guy" Syndrome

A lot of beta males are nice on the outside, which may make them hard to discern from alpha males.

But the difference is that beta males have "nice guy" syndrome; they only appear to be nice, but they have an ulterior motive. For instance, they may be super nice to a woman to get closer to her, in hopes that she'll date him one day. Or he may just simply do so because he wants to feel validated.

True alpha males will be nice because they want to be, not because they want to gain something out of the interaction.

Take Responsibility for Things

If you observe beta males, you'll notice something: they practically whine about things that happen, but never do anything to actually influence events. They believe that everything should be handed to them, and that nothing is ever their fault.

The key on how to be alpha is to take responsibility for things. If you're able to assess what's going on in your life and how you can change it, then that's definitely an alpha mindset to have.

Don't just accept things for how they are. If you're not happy, take responsibility. This doesn't necessarily mean taking the blame for things.

You have to assess what you can change and make it happen. This is what being alpha truly means.

Look for Real Connections

Once again, beta males are looking for validation from women. But this doesn't make for real connections.

Alpha males seek real interactions and connections. This makes them very popular with women, but for good reason. This is because they're genuine in their connections, while beta males are "fake" when they seek validation from women.

This means when alpha males connect with their love interests, it's a lot more genuine and real. This is what makes the difference between alphas and betas, as they make an effort to find true love interests.

Be Responsive in Bed

Being an alpha male means you're responsive to your partners in bed. You don't just get yourself off without any regard; you're attentive and give them what they want.

If you're struggling, you can always take a male enhancement pill. It can help you if you have any sexual dysfunction issues.

Before you take a male enhancement pill, take a look in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk. If you can feel confident outside of bed, surely you can feel confident in it.

Being a true alpha means you'll listen to all the needs of your partners and make sure they're satisfied with your performance. If you're afraid of things like premature ejaculation, make sure to use aids like male enhancement pills or numbing lube to ensure your partners have a great sexual experience.

Improve Your Body

This principle is probably what gives alpha males the reputation of being "meatheads" and "gym bros." But the thing is, to truly be alpha, you need to have a strong body as well as a strong mind.

You need to push yourself to your limits, which means in addition to being assertive, you have to tackle physical challenges. By putting yourself on a strict diet and hitting the gym, you can practice good self-discipline by taking care of your body.

Being Alpha Is Easy

If you've been scared about being alpha before, don't be. As you can see from our guide, practice makes perfect.

Now that you know how to be an alpha male, you'll be well on your way to attracting all the women you've always wanted in your life.

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