Hotel development is unique and also a rewarding business process and venture, but it isn’t the best option for the fainthearted. The process from concept development to ribbon-cutting might appear fancy, but it isn’t, and it requires a great deal of strategic planning, creation of a clear vision, along with a lot of patience and perseverance and it today’s economy, all that will be a lot harder. You’d have to vet all the decisions you are considering while determining all the specifics about the hotel development from the location, type of hotel to be built, and how the type, design, and location of the development would attract guests/ travelers. 

To get you started on the right path, here are some of the strategies you need to keep in mind when planning out a hotel development.  For help with these strategies check out

Smart Planning

You have to prioritize the planning process. For this, think of finding a brand partner with significant expertise in the hotel industry and also someone who could help you materialize your plans. Working with someone who is experienced with the ins and outs of the hotel industry also gives you a distinct advantage, as well as a powerful driver for hotel development in the whole development cycle. That said, you need to find an industry leader. 

Choose the right site

Site selection is a crucial step in hotel development because, like it or not, the success of your hotel development is all about the location of the project. If you are planning to develop a hotel that will offer maximum financial rewards, then you need to find an optimal construction site. But don’t just go with what your gut tells you, you also need to run a comprehensive feasibility study because this is what you need to determine whether the location has actual potential or not. You also need to think about the challenges you may face, zoning issues, access to basic utilities, prohibitive architectural review standards, and the existing infrastructure. Proximity to major attractions and gateways is also another consideration you need to keep in mind. To ensure seamless site selection, always work with the professionals. 

Brand Selection and Determination

Once you’ve settled all the location matters, you have to settle on a brand for your hotel. Evaluate/ analyze the competition to have a better understanding of what your audience needs, and how your brand could set itself apart from the rest of the hotel developments in the vicinity. Work on creating the most distinctive brand you can think of because the brand is always the biggest platform with the highest potential for revenue. You should also understand franchising and franchise strengths, but always make sure that your brand targets a specific audience. Don’t forget that both you and the development will have to fly the brand’s banners/ flags high if the business is to be successful. 

Financing Strategies

You need money to actualize everything on your vision board. So, to put your dreams and plans into action, find a good financing partner, specifically a company known for financing hospitality businesses/ services. Make sure that you have all you might need for your business to get started right for the financing application to be approved.