You may be working on a full-time job, or be a freelancer or probably still studying in college, financial emergencies can always hit you alike. It could arise off small bills or sudden travel plans with your friends! You just need to keep your calm and troubleshoot your financial emergency. Let us help you with some suggestions.

Credit Card

If you are running behind on paying your rent or bills, a low-interest credit card would be a feasible option. Getting a credit card approved is easy these days, and with a decent credit score, you can avail one. Once you’re done with the approval part, setting up your account is quick! You can even start using your virtual card for online transactions before the physical copy of your credit card reaches you. Just remember to keep track of your billing cycle so that you don’t have to pay any extra charges.

Cash Advance

Worried about not having a credible history in the past? There are many suitable alternatives! You can request your manager for an advance paycheck to meet your needs. If this option fails, you can comfortably apply for a payday loan.

Payday Loan

A payday loan is like a small advance that takes near negligible approval time. You can get the cash in your wallet real fast and payback later once you receive your monthly salary. Head over to PaydayMe and apply for a hassle-free payday loan today.

Ask a Friend

Understood it can be your least preferred choice, but still, your best friend would understand. If neither of the above options seems reasonable enough, reach out to your closest buddy and express your urgent need to borrow money for rent or utility bills. The best perk being the flexibility and understanding bond between you both in terms of the amount borrowed. No formalities involved in between!

Talk to Your Landlord

Last but a logical option is to have a talk with your landlord explaining your situation. Trust me; not all landlords are as scary as they seem to be! A healthy landlord-tenant relationship is always sought for. If this is your first such situation, there are maximum chances your landlord would approve of it. 

You just need to be a bit transparent on your end. You may strike a deal to suit both you and the landlord, like paying an affordable part of the rent right away and the rest once you are financially comfortable. The goal here is to clearly put your situation for him to consider, while he would continue placing his trust on you for future months too.

Running behind rent or any other utility can get scary to a great extent with a feeling of financial instability for the month ahead. But every problem can find itself a solution with the right choice of option.

So, from all the options of using your credit card to availing a payday loan to borrowing from a close peer, you can easily aim to pay your rent on time.