Do not forge the laws trademark and copyright infringement

Forging the trademark of anyone or anybody is not tolerable at all. People should hire the trademark Specialist at the moment whenever they find out that their trademark has been stolen. 

Take action

There is a lot of people who do not take action for their trademarks which are not done at all. This is because the other working under your name might be dangerous for your name and you should do anything to avoid it. So, make sure that you take an action for those who try to do a trademark or copyright infringement.

Trademark registration is very Important for the brands that are working in the market. This is the only way they can maintain their quality levels properly. Without trademarks, people would copy the names or logos of others just so that they could be able to get the same fame as that of the real brand.

Penalties for trademarks or copyright infringements

If you are the UAE trademark and copyright Experts, they will simply tell you what it costs if someone infringes your trademark or copyright.

FINE: Dh. 5000 (Five Thousand) + imprisonment

All the people need to know that if they will copy the trademark or copyright of anyone, they will be sentenced to imprisonment. So, people must be very careful about it.

 Follow the laws

All the people must follow the laws because if someone will use the name of any other brand with the bad intention, they will be fined and can get imprisoned as well.

Fines because of Confiscation of goods
Do not put a mark of “registered” on your products deliberately

There are some people who put the mark of registered on their products just to show that they are registered, they will be fined. Sam is the case with the person who deliberately sells this name.


The penalties for the copyright infringements other than the confiscation of goods is as follows;

Financial penalty

 From 30 000 AED, up to 200 000 AED.


The person can get imprisoned for copyright infringement not for less than 6 months

Payment of fine, not less than 50 000 AED dirhams.

Deportation from UAE

A person can also get deported from UAE if he comes to UAE to work.

Avoid infringement

So now as you know that there are very strict laws regarding the trademark and copyright infringement, you must avoid them as much as possible. The consequences can get worst for you if you do not hire a Specialist for yourself.

Hire Consultants beforehand

Hire Trademark Specialist before you start working to make sure that you do not violate any of the laws in UAE. This is as important as anything and those who still do not work according to the laws, they will have to suffer from huge consequences. So, make sure that you obey the laws and enjoy the perks of that.