Before the wedding bells ring, every bride needs a ‘last sail before the veil’ with the Team Bride. Hen dos are a traditional bachelorette party for the bride-to-be hosted by her friends. Destination hen dos are the popular trends of celebrating the last lap of singlehood with the girl gang. 

Planning a fun, wild hen do can be confusing and intimidating. It can be very tricky keeping the bride and the bridesmaids happy, along with ensuring a magical experience of exciting activities. There are plenty of hen party ideas you can choose from. 
Here’s how you can host a luxurious hen do for your BFF-

Choose A Luxurious Hen Do Destination

With plenty of hen do destinations to choose from, the decision to pick the best is definitely a tough one. Search the web for the best cities in Europe, and decide based on hen activities available in each one of them. 

A hen party in Benidorm or Prague would be great for your girl gang to have a wild time. On the other hand, hen do in Benidorm will be damn exciting and won’t break your bank. The city is full of beautiful monuments, breathtaking sceneries, and tons of clubs for all-night parties. You girls can shop till you drop. 

Being the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is famous for its scintillating nightlife. The city of Hundred Spires has a lot of cultural attractions. Prague can definitely match up to the high expectations of your stylish BFF with its beer halls, gothic churches, and baroque structures. You can explore Pařížská Street, one of Prague’s most luxurious streets on foot.

Rent A Luxury Cottage

If you want to host a luxurious hen night at a stylish place but with a homely feel, then you should rent a luxury cottage. To make the cottage hip and happening, you can decorate it and make a bar with all drinks favourite of your gang. Also, you can hire a masseuse and manicurist for the day, and everyone can have their nails done at the cottage. Furthermore, you can hire a butler to make a specialized food menu for your stay. 

There are a lot of other activities that you can plan at the cottage - a pool party, fun games, etcetera. You can do everything without worrying about transportation arrangements.

Themed Party

A themed hen party is memorable and fun. It gives you the opportunity to capture Instagram worthy shots and definitely makes for a great night out with girls. If you want to throw a party that screams ‘elegance’ the moment you walk in, then you have to go with a stylish ‘vintage’ theme. Nothing defines elegance and style like the retros. Pick the era you like and stick with it. Keep vintage clothing as the dress code for the evening. Go for accessories that match the particular period as well. 

Your vintage themed hen do should also have the right activities to give it an authentic feel. If you like, go for a complete professional makeover and learn dance moves for the vintage themed hen do. 

You can also host theme parties based on tv shows or movies, depending on what the bride and the bridesmaid would enjoy. Besides that, hiring a professional photographer to capture all the beautiful, crazy moments will make everyone happy. And, don’t forget about the costumes, decorations, sash for the bride, food, and props.

Think Outside The Box

Hen parties are not always about bar crawling and club hopping. There are other exciting ways to throw a beautiful hen do for your BFF, without settling on the fun quotient. 

You all can dress up in your chic French-Esque attires and enjoy a sophisticated wine and cheese night at a restaurant in Paris. Trade the wine for tequila shots later in the night and exchange fun stories with the bride-to-be.
You can also plan a cocktail making session at the hen weekend. Stock bottles of vodka, low-cost cups, straws, and mixers to make it a night to remember. A cocktail making session does not require much effort but promises a fun time with your girl gang. 
There is something luxurious about a spa session. What better way for the stressed-out bride to relax than a spa day, away from the hustle-bustle of wedding preparations. The spa session also makes for a good girl bonding time. The best part? You can also relax and take a break from running around, trying to make the bride and hens happy.

Final Thoughts

Planning a hen do is stressful. So, if you are nervous about how to meet the expectations of the bride-to-be or confused about a theme for the hen do, you can choose any of the ideas mentioned above and rest assured, it’ll be a hen do hosted like never before.

Don’t forget to carry the safety gear with you. In case, you girls find yourself in a difficult situation, where you have been attacked by an intruder, use pepper spray. I know this is the last thing you want to think about. But accidents can occur at any time and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, carry a pair of handcuffs to make sure the attacker can’t reattempt after the effect of pepper spray diminishes.